A Squad Called Blendz: Meet Our Creative Director, Bryant

A Squad Called Blendz: Meet Our Creative Director, Bryant

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Today, we're introducing one of the primary forces behind our creative vision here at Blendz!

1. Bryant, you’re the Creative Director here at Blendz. Tell the good people what you do day-to-day that helps contribute to their experience of our brand.

Every day when I walk into Blenders, I ask myself, how can I make myself and the creative team better at their job. If it’s photography, videography, design and/or 3D, I really try to push and help the creative process along. Everyday, I enjoy sitting down with each one of my teammates and try to understand what they are working on and how we can mutually push each other to a higher level.

2. You’re pretty new here. What’s surprised you most about the team and company culture at Blendz?

When I arrived at Blenders, everyone at the company was super supportive and invited me in with open arms. I’m really impressed on how the creative and marketing team came together and started bonding. Especially, when a new lead comes in and starts changing things up.

3. At one point did you first start to realize, “Yeah, you know, I’m kinda creative af.” There’s almost surely a memory from grade school or the like wherein you realized you had a penchant for this stuff.

In third grade, I started doing coloring competitions at a restaurant called Lyons. One time, we arrived for dinner and I saw my coloring example up on the “Wall of WINNERS”...That when my mom said, “Wow Bryant, you are so creative, good job!”

4. Is there a creative project you’ve worked on in your career that sticks out as being particularly challenging/rewarding?

When I worked for Bad Boy Brands, I was called to go to Cleveland, Ohio and photographed the UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stipe Miocic for his upcoming fight. Later that year, I got to photograph an MMA legend, the One FC Heavyweight Champion, Brandon Vera.

5. What would you say is your favorite aspect of living in San Diego?

The weather and the ability to be outside all year long.

6. Imagine you have your own “Freaky Friday” moment. Who are ya wanting to swap places with?

Ryan Reynolds or Dwayne “The ROCK” Johnson.

7. What’s that “bucket list” item you've got waiting?

To be in the final credits of a movie in the theaters.

8. Imagine you need a walk-up song in baseball (or a WWE ring entrance jam, take your pick). What bop are you going with?

“RETURN OF THE MAC” by Mark Morrison.

9. Scenario: You can be anything else in this world other than a Creative Director with a snap of your fingers. What’s your secret passion?

With a Thanos snap, I would love to be a DJ or a professional athlete.

10. What are your Top 3 fav pairs of Blendz?


Stone Breaker

University Heights

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