Are Reading Glasses FSA Eligible?

Are Reading Glasses FSA Eligible?

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If you’re a Blend Head or even if you’re new to our seriously spicy style, that’s a question that may have crossed your mind more than once. After all, medical expenses—including the need for high-quality corrective eyewear—can take their toll on your wallet. So, if you’re asking “are reading glasses FSA eligible,” you’ll be pleased to know the answer is…


Prescription eyewear is absolutely covered under an FSA. But before we go into the specifics, let’s discuss a little background information for those unfamiliar with an FSA.

What Is an FSA?

A Flexible Spending Account is an account established for the sole purpose of enabling you to earmark a portion of your income to cover specific out-of-pocket health care expenses. The unique aspect of this account is you don’t pay taxes on the money you dedicate to it. In short, you’ll save an amount each year equal to the taxes you would have paid on what you set aside in your FSA.

A few quick facts about FSAs you’ll want to know:

  • Most employers offer FSAs even if you lack health insurance, although you’ll want to double-check.

  • Employers may make their own contributions to your FSA, but there is no guarantee.

  • FSAs are limited to $2,850 per year per employer. This amount can change/increase based upon a change in marital status or the birth of a child.

  • Money from your paycheck can be directly deposited into your FSA.

  • Your FSA funds won’t roll over year-to-year unless your employer offers a rare exception, so this is a case of “use it or lose it.”

  • All caught up? Sweet. Now, let’s find out just what you can do with that FSA.

    What Items Are on the FSA List?

    Prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, corrective reading glasses, contact lenses, eye examinations, dental cleaning, doctor’s visits, surgery, ambulance service, chiropractic care, therapy, and medications are just some of the items covered by an FSA.

    Funds in your FSA can pay your expenses, that of your spouse’s, and any dependents, if applicable. FSA funds can be used on copayments and deductibles but not insurance premiums.

    Important note: Non-corrective glasses (regular sunglasses, for example) are generally not covered under FSAs.

    Want a complete list of what is covered by an FSA? The, uh, friendly folks at the IRS are here to help.

    How to Purchase Reading Glasses With an FSA

    Got your eye on some Blenders Prescription glasses? We don’t blame ya. And, fortunately, using your FSA to make a purchase with us is stupidly easy.

    When you set up your FSA account, you should receive a card. This card works just like a debit/credit card when purchasing an item included on the FSA-approved list. All you have to do is enter your FSA card information at checkout just as you would a debit/credit card, and your Blenders Prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses will be on their way and covered by your FSA funds!

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