Best Goggles for Skiing & Snowboarding 2023

Best Goggles for Skiing & Snowboarding 2023

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We get it. There are a lot of different snow goggles out there. And it isn’t simply the extraordinarily diverse number of brands to consider; instead, it’s also the daunting fact that there are so many kinds of goggles. There are a variety of sizes/fits, premium and budget-friendly models, and even fixed vs. interchangeable lenses to consider. So how do ya narrow down what the best ski goggles are?

The truth is, there is no single kind of snow goggle that is going to appeal to everyone. After all, you’re an individual—you do your own thing and Live Forward in your own way, and your needs are going to differ from someone else’s. But what we are going to do today is cover a range of high performance gear that can reasonably be considered in the running for “best ski goggles,” no matter where your personal preferences lie.

Let’s dive in, Blend Heads!

Snow Goggles For Everyone

Before we get more granular and really break things down, we gotta drive something home for ya: Blenders has snow goggles for everyone.

Yes, really! Whether it’s the pro-level performance of our ‘Nebula’ collection, the sick sophistication of our ‘Aura’ series, or the price-friendly dopeness of our ‘Lunar’ line, you can rest easy knowing that you and your fellow Blend Heads everywhere have the best ski goggles available regardless of how serious you are about shredding. From the bunny slope to the black diamond, you’re covered!

"The Aura collection will always be my favorite. It’s a simple frame that will never go out of style !!" - Vinny Gagnier

So how do we do it? Here’s the secret: No matter which of our snow collections you opt for, you’re scoring a set of impact-resistant goggles with high-density foam for premium comfort and 100% helmet compatibility. Every one of our lenses boasts anti-fog and anti-smudge coatings for supreme optical clarity on every run. Oh, and whether you’re into stealthy neutral tones or “wow on the pow” neon colors, our lenses and straps never disappoint.

Our Aura and Nebula collections sport the Rapid Magnetic Interchangeable Lens System for on-the-fly lens swapping, letting you combat changing weather/lighting conditions while carving the slopes. Each of our swappable replacement lenses boasts a different VLT (Visible Light Transmission) rating, with some catering to brighter conditions and others excelling in low light.

“I love how strong the magnets are! Never end up losing lenses, which is so nice.” - Kyle Mack

Of course, we understand that not every boarder needs fancy interchangeable lenses. That leads us to our Lunar collection…

Budget Friendly Snow Goggles

Sometimes, you want to play on the pow without breaking the bank. If you fall into this category, the best ski goggles for your needs are likely our Lunar models.

Unlike our Nebula and Aura collections, our Lunar series features a non-interchangeable, fixed lens design. It’s cylindrical, providing for a wide field of view as you tackle the mountain. Additionally, anti-fog and oleophobic coatings are in full effect to combat the elements and keep smudges from interfering with your view. Put simply, Lunar goggles are durable, comfortable, and affordable—and so, so stylish. Like our other collections, the colorways positively pop!

“You can’t go wrong with any of the new colorways in this collection! It’ll be sure to make every day on the mountain see endless opportunities!” - Cam Fitzpatrick

Regular Fit vs. Wide Fit Snow Goggles

The cylindrical lenses featured in our Nebula, Aura, and Lunar collections all gift you a widened field of view, ensuring you’ll be able to see more of the mountain versus what older, more traditional goggles afforded.

There are, of course, some differences between the collections related to fit. The Lunar line is considered a “Small to Medium Fit” and is our most compact collection. The Aura collection is similar but slots into a “Medium to Large Fit” range. Finally, Nebula is best suited for those looking for a “Large Fit.”

Quick tip: As our premier collection, all Nebula goggles feature our cutting-edge ‘Toric’ lens. This is a special, modified cylindrical lens with a true curve perspective, enabling our widest field of view and finest anti-fog performance to date! If you’re a die-hard boarder, these are likely the best ski goggles for you.

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