OTG Snow Goggles - Ski & Snowboard Goggles to Wear Over Your Glasses

OTG Snow Goggles - Ski & Snowboard Goggles to Wear Over Your Glasses

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Looking for the perfect pair of snow goggles? Undoubtedly, that’s a lot trickier if you rely on prescription glasses to see properly. If you’re not someone with near perfect vision and you don’t use contacts, you may have found that certain types of snow goggles don’t fit over your glasses and thus aren’t an option for you.

While the above scenario is a bummer, modern eyewear companies have you covered with Over the Glasses snow goggles. OTG goggles solve the problems encountered by more traditional snow goggles and enable prescription eyewear users to chase their stoke on the slopes with well-fitting gear that elevates their performance.

So, what are the best general Over the Glasses snow goggles? Before we hit upon that, let’s talk a bit more about what makes Over the Glasses snow goggles so exceptional for those with prescription eyewear.

How Over the Glasses Snow Goggles Work

Over the Glasses snowmobile goggles are designed specifically to accommodate your prescription glasses. They are shaped so that your glasses can sit naturally and undisturbed on your face. The goggles are larger than other options, sitting a bit further away from your eyes, thus ensuring pressure is not applied onto your glasses and downward against your cheeks.

Over the Glasses ski goggles also typically employ thick foam padding along the edges. This generates a seal around the arms of your glasses; again, this serves to prevent undue pressure on your glasses and face.

Another consideration is fogging. If you’re a longtime glasses wearer, you’ll understand how detrimental this phenomenon can be. Fortunately, Over the Glasses snow goggles are built to vent well and prevent fogging. This is crucial for your enjoyment of the slopes!

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