Top Snow Goggles for Small Faces

Top Snow Goggles for Small Faces

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It’s hard not to notice how large many snow goggles have become lately. They offer fantastic protection from the elements and tend to fit comfortably on many people, but they don’t always accommodate those with smaller faces well. Such is the plight of those with more diminutive features.

Fortunately, if you’re someone whose moneymaker is on the smaller side, you don’t need to worry about finding the proper gear. There are a variety of snow goggles for small faces on the market today, although few carry the performance-enhancing features of the Blenders ‘Lunar’ snow goggle collection.

The Blenders Lunar Collection // Ski Goggles For Small Faces

The Blenders Lunar Collection are the perfect snow goggles for small faces. Unlike our ‘Nebula’ and ‘Aura’ goggle collections which feature a larger fit, Lunar stands out with a distinctively medium fit that’s likely to appeal to anyone that doesn’t favor the oversized look and feel of many of today’s goggles.

All Blenders goggles boast killer features but the Lunar snow goggle collection has unique selling points beyond the smaller fit. Let’s take a deep dive below into everything you can expect from this stellar series of goggles!

Lunar Snow Goggles // Features

Lunar snow goggles are among the best snow goggles for small faces but the snug, compact fit is far from the only selling point. The goggles sport a fixed cylindrical lens that features anti-fog/anti-smudge coatings for supreme optical clarity.

High-density foam ensures a comfortable fit, while an impact-resistant design helps the goggles take a licking and keep on ticking. And of course, 100% helmet compatibility is included to ensure that your noggin’ is taken care of regardless of whether you opt for a Blenders ‘Dome’ helmet or a third-party alternative.

One more important point: Lunar isn’t just a collection of snow goggles for small faces—they’re also goggles for anyone not looking to break the bank. As our most affordable line of snow goggles, you can enjoy a guilt-free purchasing experience.

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