Best Sunglasses for Golfing

Best Sunglasses for Golfing

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Before you tee off, don’t leave home without the proper eyewear. After all, how a player excels at golf is largely determined by the quality of their sight. While it’s nice to enjoy clear, sunny weather for golfing, the downside is that bright sunlight causes squinting and a subsequent inability to concentrate on the game.

What Kinds of Sunglasses are Good for Playing Golf?

Rockville, MD-based Sportsglory, cautions against bright sunlight on the course. “The sun’s glare can impair your ability and make you feel uncomfortable when sizing up your next shot,” Sportsglory explains. Lens technology with UV protection, along with specific lens type and technology, fit, frame type and grip each stand out as essential factors in choosing the right pair of sunglasses for golfing.

For fit in particular, a hat or visor is a golf-specific consideration in sunglasses selection. With many golfers choosing to wear headgear while they play, make sure you find a pair of sunglasses that fit comfortably underneath. That way, you don’t have to compromise!

At the same time, choosing golf sunglasses that fit closely to your face is essential. With this style, the sun can’t creep in and reach your eyes from any angle. A closely fit pair also prevents any slippage during your swing, no matter how sweaty you may be.

In terms of lenses, you’re going to want to choose lenses that maintain a perfect balance between being able to see the ball and greens clearly, while simultaneously protecting your eyes from the sun. Lenses with 100% UV protection against UVA/UVB rays are fundamental for golfing sunglasses. For lens color, stick with copper, brown or dark amberall of which enhance contrast on grass and against blue skies.

Since the color of the golf ball is white, you want to choose a lens that will absorb the blue tone of the visible range of sunlight. How does this work? The color of the ball and lawn will become more vividly contrasted, while the color of the sky will be mutedmaking it easier to track the movement of the ball in flight and evaluate all of the features of the terrain.

Are Polarised Lenses Good For Golfing?

For some, polarised lenses are preferred because they have the ability to cut out glare completely, especially when the sunlight hits at a horizontal angle. However, some golfers feel that the polarised lenses interfere with their ability to see the greens in the golf course. Ultimately, how well polarised lenses work when golfing is solely up to the opinion of the golfer.

Stylish Frames for Golfers

Looking cool and playing well is always the goal when it comes to adding a pair of sunglasses to your golfing attire. Some of our favorite options are:

Heart Rush
Ice Palace
Spider Jet
Broadway Nika

But don’t stop there! Blenders Eyewear offers an array of sunglass choices that not only look good on the golf course, but provide superior protection for eyes.

Heart Rush Heart Rush
Ice Palace Ice Palace
Spider Jet Spider Jet
Broadway Nika Broadway Nika

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