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Since our founding in San Diego in 2012, here at Blenders Eyewear we’ve always been about Living Life in Forward Motion—going out there and seizing the hell out of each and every day. That started with our Sun collections and continued with our Snow collections, gifting athletes of all stripes performance gear for making the most of their sport. And even if you don’t surf or skate or snowboard, we’ve dedicated the last decade to igniting your passions with spicy style that gets you going and Living Forward in all the ways that matter to you.

It took us time and consideration, but as we evolved, we knew we had to go a step further: We had to serve those of you with vision correction needs, too. That’s how Blenders Prescription was born. Now, you can experience prescription power in Blenders frames carefully curated from several of our best-selection Sun collections!

Blenders Prescription: What Are Lens Coatings?

The clean look you desire, the clear view you deserve… Blenders Prescription brings good times into focus!

Our single vision lenses correct vision for a single distance. This means they help ya out if you suffer from nearsightedness or farsightedness, but not both. They handle one prescription that covers the entire surface of the lenses.

Of course, each of our single vision prescription glasses has a number of lens colors and coatings you can choose from, making these super specs fully customizable. But what are lens coatings, you ask?

Lens coatings are simply treatments applied to your lenses to juice ‘em up with enhanced durability, performance, looks, or all of the above! At Blenders, we let you choose your frame style, rock out with a lens color of your choice, and then send it home with the perfect combo of lens upgrades for your needs.

What Are Lens Coatings That Are Perfect For Me?

That’s a tough question to answer since everyone has different needs, but we’ll do you a solid and walk you through each of our lens upgrades so you have all the details you need to make the right purchase.

Lens Colors

Blenders Prescription glasses offer clear, smoke, amber, blue, pink, champagne, and silver-colored lenses, although lens color availability does vary slightly from collection to collection. While this is primarily a style-related choice, you should note that our blue light lens filter option is only available with clear lenses. Additionally, some lens upgrades cannot be combined with other lens upgrades, but more on that later.

First, let’s check out what each lens coating or filter means for you:

Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating

This coating helps to prevent reflected glare. Fortunately for you, all of our 2022 Blenders Prescription collections offer anti-reflection lens coatings!

Blue Light Filter

This lens upgrade serves to help filter out blue light from digital screens such as your laptop, cell phone, or tablet. Since blue light is known to create eye strain, headaches, and the disruption of your circadian rhythm (and, correspondingly, your sleep schedule), we recommend this filter if you rely on electronic screens for prolonged periods during your day.

Polarised Filter

Polarised filters are all about reducing glare. When you select a polarised lens upgrade, you’re neutralizing horizontally-traveling light, such as light that gets reflected from water, snow, and cars. While that makes polarised lenses spectacular for athletes and the most active among us, your Average Joe or Jane benefits, too. That’s because these filters also reduce overhead glare from the sun and offer increased protection from UVA and UVB light.

Hi-Index Lenses

Hi-index lenses are ideal for prescription eyewear users that have greater vision correction needs. Unlike the bulkier, thicker lenses of the past, these lenses bend light more efficiently, allowing for thinner, lighter lenses and stronger prescriptions. You don’t have to sacrifice functionality for fashion or vice versa. Pretty dope, huh?

What Lens Upgrades Can Be Used Together?

And now, here’s a quick breakdown of how our different lens upgrades work when combined together:

Clear Lenses

Clear Lenses offer high index or blue light upgrade options, but never both. (You can enjoy one lens upgrade but not the other.) The polarised upgrade is not available on clear lenses.

Colored Lenses

Colored Lenses (smoke, amber, blue, pink, champagne, and silver) allow for high index and polarised lens upgrades. Both high index and polarised upgrades can be applied to the same glasses, or you may simply add them separately. However, the blue light filter is not available at all with colored lenses. If you require a blue light filter, you must choose one of our clear lenses.

That wraps it up! If you have any further questions about our prescription eyewear, don’t hesitate to hit us up. Otherwise, happy shopping!


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