Brandie Wilkerson: The Blenders Entourage Interview

Brandie Wilkerson: The Blenders Entourage Interview

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How do you get inspired to get up and seize the day? You spend some time with professional beach volleyball player and Tokyo 2020 Olympian, Brandie Wilkerson.

We chatted with the new Blenders Entourage athlete about art, music, and her youth—and how her calling on the court set her Life in Forward Motion.

Blenders: How did you get into volleyball? Tell us about your journey to today!
Brandie: I started playing indoor club volleyball at 18 years old when high school coaches and friends encouraged me to pursue it. After that, I quickly gained success on my varsity team at York University which opened the door to beach volleyball. I had friends that attended my university who were Canadian Beach Volleyball Team members, and they directed me to try out and train with the program alongside my varsity career. After graduation from university, I committed full-time to beach volleyball, making the National Team and traveling all over the world representing Canada.

What are 3 interesting facts about you?

  1. I have three frequently used passports, being born in Switzerland (Swiss passport) with an American father (U.S. passport) and raised in Canada (Canadian passport).
  2. I have a talent for drawing/painting and a deep creative side. I love curating art, fashion, design, and food.
  3. I’ve visited over 30 countries before turning 30!

Current favorite song/musician/band?
My current favourite musician is Jhené Aiko.

If you could trade places with someone for one day who would it be and why?

I would trade places with an astronaut to be able to see the galaxy from that vantage point.

What does your perfect day consist of?
A perfect day would start with no alarms and no cellphone. Slow mornings, late breakfast, then getting dressed up to go thrift shopping, creating something, yoga, or just experiencing life. I’d end the day indoors with some of my closest friends connecting over good food & good wine, diving into deep conversations about life and purpose.

What is the thing you've done that you're most proud of?
I’m proud of the achievements I’ve manifested and worked hard to earn within my volleyball career, including finishing 5th at my first Olympic Games.

What are you most excited about working with Blenders?
I’m excited to be a part of such good energy. To have support and new possibilities for the future, as well as the opportunity to inspire others with the platform we’ll all create together. Not to mention, I’m very excited about all the super rad styles of sunglasses to wear and express myself with!

What does Life in Forward Motion mean to you? How do you Live Forward?Life in Forward Motion means growth. It means absorbing the information around you and expanding to a higher version of yourself. I try and Live in Forward Motion by being a student of life through my craft of volleyball. It keeps me physically in motion by strengthening my body, leading to improved results and career success. This devotion to sport—combined with a dedication to personal growth and a curiosity to live a full, joyful life—ensure I’m constantly in a state of Forward Motion.

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