Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts That Will Wow Your Friends & Family

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts That Will Wow Your Friends & Family

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The holidays are upon us—which is another way of saying that it’s the time of year when the “mad scramble” begins. The scramble to finish end-of-year projects; the scramble to earn that work bonus; the scramble to travel; hell, the scramble to sleep off all that holiday party eggnog in time for lunch with the fam. There’s a lot of scrambling… not least of all the scramble for gifts.

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With everything else that goes down over the next several weeks, it can be difficult to make your own wishlist, let alone tend to everyone else’s. We feel you there. But no matter how busy things get, it’s always better to give rather than to receive, so we’re stepping in with the perfect holiday gift guide!

Consider this Blenders Holiday Gift Guide your ticket to some of the year’s best presents for him and her, all in one convenient place. Because after all, the best way to spend Holiday 2021 is to Spend It Blended!

Gifts For Him

Whether papa bear or boyfriend, lil bro or bro-in-law, when it comes to any dude in your life, the search for style can start and end with Blendz. ’Tis the season to get him Living Forward, so check out some of our favorite Boldly Blended gear below!

Arctic Motion

We had to start off our holiday gift guide with simply one of the coldest designs you'll stumble across this season. These 'Nebula Collection' goggles sport a Toric lens design that offers a true curve perspective for supreme optical clarity. The magnetic lens system allows for easy swapping and the goggles are 100% helmet compatible. And that frosty finish? Absolutely killer!

Stone Breaker

Dare to be different! These dynamic 'Romeo Collection' shades rock a multicolored tortoise pattern and polarised smoke lenses. Designed strictly for the bold and badass among us, these sunnies are beyond exceptional.

Project Whiskey

These specs show blue light who's boss! Our lens tech mitigates the headaches and fatigue that often occur due to prolonged use of digital screens. Bonus: The rounded lenses and black-and-gold tortoise pattern look absolutely amazing.

Night Spree

'Night Spree' are the stealthy, steezy snow goggles that'll let him wow on the pow without breaking your bank. Part of our 'Lunar Collection,' these fixed lens goggles deliver anti-fog/anti-smudge lens coatings and 100% UV protection while remaining totally price-friendly.

For more knockout gift ideas for him, check out our full holiday gift guide.

Gifts For Her

’Tis the season for Blendz! Whether it’s mom, sis, or that special someone, we’ve got the gear that’ll have her lighting up the sands, the slopes, and wherever else the day takes her!

Rose Momentum

Have your favorite someone start her "purple reign" on the slopes this holiday season with 'Rose Momentum.' These 'Aura Collection' snow goggles feature a lovely lavender mirror lens and purple, teal, and black adjustable strap. The tech is sensational, too. In addition to 100% helmet compatibility and anti-fog/anti-scratch coatings, this goggle's lens can be swapped out on-the-fly with a spare using the Rapid Magnetic Interchangeable Lens System. It's literally a snap!

Wildcat Love

Heed the "call of the styled!" 'Wildcat Love' is aggressively designed with a crystal brown tortoise frame and champagne mirror lens that flashes with ferocity. Thanks to polarised power and 100% UV protection, these stunners belong on any holiday gift guide.


She already works hard and works smart—now help her work even smarter with the ‘Americano’ Blue Light Blenders. These are sexy and sophisticated specs that fight fatigue and put a stranglehold on eye strain thanks to blue-light-blocking power. A can’t-miss gift!

Cheetah Speed

‘Cheetah Speed’ is ferociously fun. She’ll shred the slopes with savage style thanks to this ‘Nebula Collection’ goggle’s easy swap lens design, anti-fog/anti-scratch/anti-smudge coatings, and 100% helmet compatibility. Plus, there’s even a lens-locking mechanism for added security. Stellar!

For more knockout gift ideas for her, check out our full holiday gift guide.

Stocking Stuffers For Everyone

No holiday gift guide is complete without some sweet stocking stuffers. Don’t worry—we’ve got exactly what you need to make the season memorable!

Black Beanie

Even if your friend or family member isn’t carving the slopes, it’s cold out there this holiday season! (Unless, of course, you’re chilling in sunny San Diego with the Blendz team.) Keep ‘em covered with the warm, waffle-knit goodness of our ‘Black Beanie!’

Cheetah/Navy Neck Gaiter

Whether they're on the slopes or just about town, keep your loved one toasty with the one-size-fits-most polyester mesh of our 'Cheetah/Navy Neck Gaiter.' It's anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and, best of all, rocks a 40+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating to diminish exposure to the sun's damaging rays.

Blenders $100 Gift Card

No holiday gift guide is complete without a gift card! If you’re not quite sure what to get your fav fella or great gal, give ‘em the power to choose for themselves! You really can’t go wrong here.

That about does it for our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! Want to make even more of a splash with your friend or family member? Check out our Gift Sets For Him and Gift Sets For Her!

Happy Holidays, Blend Heads!

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