How to Buy Prescription Glasses Online

How to Buy Prescription Glasses Online

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We get it. Ordering prescription glasses online can feel a little daunting. This isn't your typical eyewear, after all—the stakes are more than a bit higher when you're talking about single vision lenses. You're going to rely on these specs to look good and see well, too! Sending off incorrect prescription information or choosing the wrong lens upgrade is a killer.

Here at Blenders, we make ordering prescription glasses online an experience you can enjoy. We help you "beat the blur" with a streamlined process and some of the dopest customization options. With so much riding on your selection, we wanted to go further and walk you through the experience step-by-step.

Find the Right Frames

This can give you pause because there are so many options carefully curated from a range of fan-favorite Blenders collections. We don't mean to boast, but… well, maybe we are bragging just a bit. (We'll always argue that celebrating a positive self-image is critical to Living Forward, so why not?)

When scoring a sweet pair of Blenders specs, there are a few primary considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Frame Shape

We offer prescription glasses online in a variety of frame shapes, and for a good reason—some frame shapes pair better with the shape of your face. If you already understand how to categorize that moneymaker of yours, that's fantastic! However, if you aren't sure of your face shape—and/or don't understand what glasses best complement it—we greatly encourage you to check out our Blenders Fit Guide.

Here's a quick cheat sheet version of the above Fit Guide: Round faces are best complimented by square frames; oval faces rock out with square or round frames; square faces look stellar with round frames, and heart-shaped faces dazzle when paired with literally any frame style.

  1. Frame Size

The frame shape should play a significant role in shopping for prescription glasses online, but frame size is also an important consideration. Don't get us wrong—going oversized (or undersized) with your frames is a personal style choice that we celebrate. However, appropriately sized frames have their appeal because an overly narrow frame will make your face wider; conversely, one that is excessively wide will cause your face to look more narrow.

Got an old pair of favorite shades or glasses? Sweet. Check for the listed measurements on its temple arm and use this as a basis to guide you. You'll find measurements for Blenders Prescription glasses under each specific product page's "Fit Guide" section.

  1. Frame Color

At Blenders, we feel life should be lived in full color, and our prescription glasses reflect that. All of our frames offer colorful options, so rest easy knowing you'll never struggle to find specs that are the perfect expression of your stylish spirit.

  1. RX Validation Page

Want to avoid any headaches later on? Just plug in the values listed on your doctor-provided eyewear prescription into our RX Validation page here. You'll receive an immediate report on which of our frames are an ideal match for your prescription needs. Pretty slick, right?

Customize Your Glasses

Choosing your frame shape and color is only part of the fun. At Blenders, we let you customize your prescription glasses online with both lens colors and lens coatings. Colors are for stylistic purposes only, while coatings superpower your specs with upgrades that'll allow you to get even more use out of your new glasses.

Blue light filters that relieve fatigue from digital screen usage. Polarised filters reduce glare and offer increased protection from UVA and UVB light. Thinner, lighter high index lenses that efficiently bend light and accommodate those with greater vision correction needs. It's all available, but some of these lens upgrades are only available on clear lenses, not colored lenses or vice versa.

Here's a quick look at how it all breaks down:

Clear lenses offer blue light OR high index upgrades but not both. You can't combine the two. Also, a polarised filter isn't available on clear lenses.

Colored lenses give you the choice of high index and/or polarised upgrades. You can add one or the other, OR you can opt to combine the two when selecting colored lenses. However, these lenses do not offer the option of a blue light filter. If you desire blue-light-blocking power, you'll need to switch to clear lenses.

Have more questions regarding lens customization? Peep our Lenses and Coatings blog.

Insert Your Prescription Information

Got your glasses selected and customized? Fantastic. Before checkout, the final step is making sure you have your prescription information in order. There are two nifty ways of going about this:

  1. Add your prescription information at checkout. Your doctor should already have provided you with your prescription information, whether in a computer-printed grid format or handwritten form. Upload a photo of it before completing checkout, and you'll be set. Please remember that Blenders Prescription glasses and sunglasses are for single vision needs only.

  1. Send your prescription via email. Don't have a clear photo of your doctor-written prescription on-hand at checkout? It's cool. Just send us your prescription via email after you complete the checkout process. We'll even send you a reminder email for your prescription once you finish your purchase!

Complete Your Purchase

That's all it takes! Once you select and customize your glasses and have your prescription information ironed out, you're ready to pay via our secure payment portal. The hard part is the waiting, for real. Your mail carrier may not enjoy all the extra attention you're about to give them over the next several business days, but we promise to get you your new prescription glasses ASAP for their sake and yours.

Happy Blending!


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