How to Clean Blenders Sunglasses & Eyewear

How to Clean Blenders Sunglasses & Eyewear

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Blending Is Bliss… we know it, you know it, and we’re working on letting the world know it. But as with any pair of glasses, if you don’t take proper care of your Blenders, it’s gonna eventually cast a cloud over your day. Improperly cared for Blendz won’t last as long as you’d like, so today, we’re here to walk you through how to clean sunglasses.

Don’t worry. There are only a few simple steps to keep in mind—our shades ain’t high maintenance!

How Often Should You Clean Your Blendz?

This is as straightforward as it gets—basically, you should clean your Blendz any time they get dirty, get exposed to salt water, choline water, or other troublesome liquids, and before storing them. You should also dry them after liquid exposure, even when only coming in contact with rain or tap water. Your Blendz are not meant to be put away wet.

When deciding whether to clean your Blendz, ask yourself the following. If the answer is “Yes” to any of these, clean away!

  1. Have my shades come into any contact with dirt or debris?
  2. Have my sunnies been in the pool or ocean?
  3. Is there a noticeable build up of oil, sweat, or similar residue on the lenses or frame?
  4. Is my cinch bag looking dirty? (You should periodically wash your cinch bag to ensure it doesn’t transfer any debris to your sunglasses.)
  5. Do I plan on storing these shades or putting them away for awhile? (If you’re setting aside your sunnies for awhile, it’s advised you at least give them a quick wipe down even if they don’t have any visible dirt, debris, or moisture on them.)
  6. Do I have a microfiber cloth handy? (You should only wipe your Blendz with a nice, soft, clean microfiber cloth!)

Can Blenders Sunglasses Get Wet?

We mentioned it above in the “how to clean sunglasses/how often” section but, yeah, your Blenders sunglasses can totally get wet!

However, just because your Blendz can handle some splishin’ and some splashin’ doesn’t mean you should be neglectful of your shades. You should always try to avoid liquids if possible but if you can’t, keep the following pieces of advice handy:

  1. Never keep your Blendz submerged in any liquid for any quantifiable period of time. As a rule of thumb, it’s recommended to avoid submersion altogether.
  2. It’s a-ok if your Blendz come in contact with pool or ocean water, but when they do, you should not wait to rinse them and clean them. Both chlorine and salt water can eat away at the lens coating(s) over time.
  3. No matter how wet your Blendz get or what kind of liquid is involved, always dry your sunglasses prior to storage. Again, only wipe down your shades with a clean microfiber cloth.

How to Clean Sunglasses With the Right Products

We’ve covered how important it is that you only wipe down your Blendz with a clean microfiber cloth. But let us hit ya with a few more facts:

  1. DO blow away any dirt, debris, or sand from your lenses prior to cleaning.
  2. DO rinse Blendz in cool or lukewarm tap water, especially if they’ve been exposed to the pool or ocean.
  3. DO wipe your lenses with a microfiber cloth or a similarly soft, clean cloth, using only mild pressure.
  4. DO consider using a tiny little baby bit of standard dish soap to clean your sunnies. This can be lightly applied to the lenses to remove stains, but only do so if you do not have Blenders cleaning solution available (part of our Blenders Cleaning Kit). The Blenders cleaning solution is the preferred cleaning solution for your Blendz.
  5. DO ensure any soap is completely removed from your lenses prior to drying.
  6. DO NOT use paper products or any similarly abrasive materials when cleaning your Blendz.
  7. DO NOT use glass cleaners on your lenses. Ever.
  8. DO NOT store your shades in a high heat area.
  9. DO NOT place/store your Blendz face down.

That wraps it up! Happy Blending!

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