Keep A Breast: Inspiring Awareness and Empowering Women Everywhere

Keep A Breast: Inspiring Awareness and Empowering Women Everywhere

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Prior to our Blendz Loves Boobies! campaign this month, Keep A Breast, the leading youth-focused, non-profit breast cancer organization, has long been hard at work spreading awareness and creating a prevention-oriented dialogue among our youth. Today, we’re taking a moment to celebrate their efforts.

Keep A Breast Foundation: A Brief (But Impressive!) History

The Blenders x Keep A Breast pairing made sense from the beginning—after all, the non-profit’s founder, Shaney Jo Darden, was immersed in the Californian skateboarding scene as a designer since the early 90s. Alongside dear friend Mona Mukherjea- Gehrig, she deeply admired its creative, Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) culture, and that naturally led to their development of homegrown art events around the Southern Cal scene beginning in 1998.

However, things took a turn the next year when the duo learned that friend and artist, Margaret Kilgallen, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Interested in raising awareness around the disease, Darden and Mukherjea- Gehrig pulled on their progressive arts roots to form Keep A Breast.

Keep A Breast’s first effort was the re-imagination of the traditional canvas by infusing it with the female experience of breast cancer. This led to a bold and beautiful capturing of the female bust within plaster that was then customized by local artists. Many have since been made and each doubles as an art piece as well as an fundraising tool— check out a gallery of these incredible casts!

Since then, the non-profit has enjoyed immensely successful campaigns and awareness-building efforts, including the “I Love Boobies” bracelet craze of 2004 and, more recently, their skillful adoption of 21st-century technologies to deliver meaningful experiences. This includes their Android app and iOS app that offer automatic monthly reminders for breast checks, helpful notification tips for lowering your risk of developing breast cancer, and more.

Keep A Breast has already left a lasting legacy of breast cancer awareness and female empowerment. But they’re just getting started.

Blendz Loves Boobies!

All that’s come before has led us to this moment, wherein we’re so dang ecstatic to be teaming with Keep A Breast for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

All this month, each of these scintillating sunglasses doused in pretty-in-pink power are part of the Blendz Loves Boobies! campaign. Every time you make a purchase, 10% will be directly donated to Keep A Breast.

And then, of course, there’s our special, limited-time-only availability of the new Blendo Box | Boobies edition. This exclusive stash of style comes stuffed with two select sunnies sure to empower your every day. Our Roxie collection shades come with the sensuous allure of a “Cat Eye” lens shape, the strength of stainless steel hinges, and the sophistication of a fluid black-to-pink-to-clear color transition throughout the lens frames and temples. Complementing these are a pair of limited-edition North Park sunnies hallmarked by mirrored gradient lenses that stimulate with a sexy shock of pink power. “Bellissimo!” is an understatement.

Remember, your purchase of the Blendo Box is more than a fashion declaration—it’s a social statement that signals your support of breast health education worldwide. (And speaking of that, don’t forget to download our Blendz Loves Boobies! free phone backgrounds!)

We hope you enjoy your new gear this month. Thank you to Keep A Breast for making all this possible! And remember—check yourself!

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