Understanding Your Prescription

Understanding Your Prescription

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Ready to beat the blur and rock out with a new pair of Blenders Prescription glasses? You’re going to need to have your prescription information handy, but hey, don’t worry—the below guide makes understanding how to read your prescription a cinch. You’ll be in a pair of our super specs in no time flat!

How to Read Your Prescription

Typically, your eyeglasses prescription will be presented in “Standard Grid Format,” although your doctor may opt to write it out free-form. When in grid format, the values are typically typed out via computer but maybe handwritten by your doc. Either way, once you understand the abbreviations used, you can make quick work of reading and understanding your prescription.

Here are the abbreviations you’ll need to know when learning how to read your prescription:

OD - This stands for “Oculus Dexter” and refers to your right eye. (It’s Latin, so it sounds a little weird—don’t let it throw you off!)

OS - “Oculus Sinister,” referring to the left eye.

SPH - “Sphere.” This value indicates your farsightedness and/or nearsightedness.

CYL - “Cylinder.” The presence of this value indicates astigmatism. Specifically, CYL means the lens power needed to correct it. Both CYL and SPH are always accompanied by a plus (+) or minus (-) sign.

AXI - “Axis.” This is the other value that indicates astigmatism. Specifically, AXI indicates the curvature of your cornea.

PS - “Pupillary Distance,” which represents the distance between your two pupils. This measurement helps ensure the center of your lens is placed correctly, so it’s pretty important. (Want to learn more about pupillary distance and how to measure it yourself? Check out our tutorial here.)

Quick (but essential!) note: It isn’t worth much to understand how to read your prescription if your prescription is out of date. If it’s been a while since you’ve had an eye test, we recommend you get a new one before sending us your prescription. Prescriptions usually expire after two years anyway, so it’s best to stay on top of it.

How to Order Prescription Eyewear Online

We’re not only about style here at Blenders but also about simplicity. If you’re looking for prescription eyewear, we’ve made purchasing anything from our Blenders Prescription line as seamless as possible.

Here’s how it all breaks down:

Step 1: (Optional) Not sure how your prescription needs to match what we offer? You can easily plug in your precise prescription values on our RX Validation page here. We’ll provide you results that demonstrate which of our prescription frames are simpatico to your RX. Dope!

Step 2: Select your frame (duh).

Step 3: Choose your preferred lens color and determine whether you want any upgrades added to your prescription eyewear. Clear lenses offer high index or blue light upgrades (but not both). Colored lenses provide a high index and polarised upgrades, but blue light filtering tech is unavailable.

Step 4: Add your RX at checkout by simply uploading a photo of your doctor-written eyewear prescription. This is the quickest option; alternatively, you can opt to skip this step and instead send us your prescription via email after checkout. We’ll even send you a handy reminder email following your order!

That’s it… really! Follow the above, and all you’ll have to do is kick back and wait for your Blendz to arrive. So what are you waiting for? You can be Living Forward and bring good times into focus with Blenders Prescription in only a short time.


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