Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit

Blendz were made for passionate pursuits and built to go just as hard as you do. Of course, that also means exposure to dirt, dust, and skin oil is a regular occurrence. Ensure your stellar style never loses its shine with our 'Cleaning Kit.' A uniquely formulated solution is evenly administered via a glasses cleaning spray bottle to remove unwanted gunk and grime from your gear. The microfiber cleaning cloth provides a streak-free experience that promotes peak clarity and optimizes the advantages of our high-performance lens coatings. Oh, and we even include a durable travel case to keep everything tidy! //

Want to keep your precious cargo in pristine condition? Here's how to use our Cleaning Kit to ensure they look brand spanking new each and every time you wear them!

  1. Before cleaning your lenses, double-check that no dirt, sand, or other debris is present.
  2. If dirt or sand is on your lenses, blow the particles off as best as you can before cleaning.
  3. Spray the Blenders cleaning solution directly onto the lenses.
  4. Next, take the microfiber cleaning cloth and ensure it is also free of debris.
  5. Finally, wipe your lens with low to medium pressure. Repeat this step as needed to clean your lenses.

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