A Squad Called Blendz: Meet New CFO, Taylor

A Squad Called Blendz: Meet New CFO, Taylor

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Fashion, finance—our new CFO, Taylor Torretta, totally gets it. In this edition of ‘A Squad Called Blendz,’ meet the mind behind the money at the bank of Blendz!

1. Tell the good people out there what you do here at Blenders in your role as Chief Financial Officer.

As a leader in the company, my role as CFO is to propel a culture of security. This includes a strong emphasis on managing risk, driving performance, and ensuring the integrity and accuracy of company information. I also do a ton of work and analysis in Excel like budgets, financials, and reporting. But the favorite part of my work at Blenders is supporting and growing our team members. We have a super solid team and I love to see them succeed day in and day out.

2. What’s the most challenging aspect of managing all those dolla billz? You’re integral to what projects and new endeavors get greenlit, right?

Exactly, I have input as part of the executive team on what next steps Blenders is taking to grow. This includes everything from new projects and endeavors to new team members to growing and retaining our customers. The most challenging aspect of it all is deciding what the right distribution of those dollar bills are into the varying buckets of our business to keep all areas growing and exploding at the same time.

3. How are you handling COVID-19? Ways you’re staying in forward motion?

2020 has been a year! But I’m staying in forward motion by continuing to focus on what’s important – family, friends, and health. By taking a lot of walks around San Diego with my pup. And by reading a ton. I’ve never been a reader but always wanted to be so finally started. My boyfriend and I are actually currently doing a *two person* book club together for Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. So far, highly recommend.

4. What do you love most about the team and company culture at Blendz?

I love that the team is so passionate about what they do. From our creatives to our CS to my very own finance team, everyone really puts so much love and care into everything. My favorite culture vibe we have is transparency. For example, we get to see and vote on the new styles and colorways from our product dev team while they work through ideation. We also try to be transparent with company wide goals, successes, and even obstacles.

5. What’s your most cringeworthy memory from grade school?

Probably when I started 5th grade at a new school and I knew no one and I ate lunch by myself on day 1. But then I made friends and life was good.

6. Bucket-list travel destination or activity?

I have a ton but the hands-down number one is Italy. I’m 75% Italian and we just partnered with Safilo out of Italy and well, wine.

7. Hip-hop as a genre is filled with references to money. As the dopest money maestro we know, what cash-related lyric most speaks to your soul?

“Turnin’ up my hustle is how I give myself a raise” – Nipsey Hussle. Life is all about being constantly better today than you were yesterday.

8. Business finance is an awesome career. But what’s that one career path you considered, if even for a moment, that’s the most wildly different from what you ended up pursuing?

Honestly, nothing, haha. I’ve been on the finance path ever since I was a freshman at SDSU. I was undeclared and called my dad to see if he had any suggestions. He said being a female in accounting would be so strong. And the rest is history. But, if I had to choose a different career path now, I would definitely say wildlife photographer.

9. What are your Top 3 fav pairs of Blendz?

Moon Dawg

Native Charm

Soul Singer

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