A Squad Called Blendz: Meet Our Founder/Chief Shaderator

A Squad Called Blendz: Meet Our Founder/Chief Shaderator

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Chase Fisher is the boss man behind Blendz. From surfing to Jerry Maguire, hear how the influences of his early years guided him to the path he's on now and helped inspire a life lived in forward motion.

Blenders: C Fish, you’re the big fish around here (wow, punz). People get that a company founder often plays a lot of different roles beyond hirings. What are some things you routinely do at Blendz that may surprise folks?

Chase: Every day presents a new challenge to barrel into here at Blendz, so I’m constantly adapting and wearing different hats. I’m working to grow the team, sure, but I’m also heavily involved in product design, marketing, partnerships, and brand direction. It’s both macro and micro.

Blenders: You got the idea for Blenders in a nightclub and, early on, sold shades out of your backpack on the beach while doubling as a surf coach. Tell us a bit about that time—the demands, the rewards, etc.

Chase: The last few years have been the most wild, demanding, beautiful ride, man. Entrepreneurship is truly the gnarliest self discovery phase you can go through, but I wouldn't change it for anything. From slanging shades on the beach out of my backpack to now acting as a headline sponsor of huge events like SuperGirl Pro, it’s breathtaking to compare the “then” and “now.” Building a brand sometimes meant sleepless nights and barely breaking even, but Blendz is humming in the best way and we have a killer community that demands we never settle and always keep moving in forward motion.

Blenders: Starting a company is a wild thing. What aspect of this business would you say most staggered you?

Chase: Seeing how stacked the deck is against newcomers. One company owns roughly 80% of the entire market. When you’re a startup, that’s a stunning stat to think about—but it also acts as a driving force.

Blenders: Is there a role model or source of inspiration that kept you going? Like any business endeavor, for a while there, it was tough.

Chase: My best buds at Pura Vida served as an incredible source of inspiration; seeing them make things happen in the fashion space made me a believer. San Diego and its people, too, just generally—it feels like everyone is doing cool shit here, so why not join in? And then there’s my pops. Seeing his entrepreneurial spirit in action at a young age has left an indelible mark—he’s the savvy dude that saw Jerry Maguire, heard Cuba Gooding Jr. jubilantly scream, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!,” and ran out and trademarked the phrase and made a business out of it. How dope is that?

Blenders: Of all the pro athletes and celebs that have rocked a pair of Blendz, who have you been most stoked or surprised to see do so?

Chase: Snoop Dogg’s been spotted in the early days of Blendz, hah, that was pretty crazy to see. Oh and Dwight Howard was seen last summer in some ‘Autumn Fires.’ But most recently, it’s been sick to have Lakey Peterson, Cam Fitzpatrick, Jessika Jensen, and Austin Keen officially join the team as Blendz ambassadors

Blenders: How’s that new office, chief? You recently made a big move to a fresh flagship retail location.

Chase: Yessir! The new HQ and store is SOLID! We’re building more space in the back now which should give us even more growth. We’re 3 blocks from the beach and easily accessible now. If you’re in the area, come on by!

Blenders: What’s your favorite pair (or pairs) of Blendz?

I’m on the ‘Empire Collection’ kick. These are pretty sick and different for Blendz. ‘Sundance Tawny,’ ‘Dark Brook' and ‘Primo Extremo.’

Sundance Tawny

Dark Brook

Primo Extremo

Blenders: What would you say is your favorite aspect of living in San Diego?

Chase: There are people in SD absolutely hustling but they still manage to stay chill, ya know? Ambition’s everywhere, but people are genuine. There’s just a level of authenticity that’s refreshing. And in-between the meetings and the daily grind, it’s easy to go for a surf.

Blenders: Surfing’s in your blood. What break have you always wanted to experience, and which would you say is your fav?

Fav Break - Cloudbreak at Tavarua Island Resort, Fiji. Had been a lifelong dream of mine to surf it. Can't Wait to Surf - Mentawais, Indo.

Blenders: You get to cast yourself in any film or music video in history. Which one are ya choosing?

Chase: Put me in any ‘Sarah Michelle Gellar’ movie back in the late 90s or early 2000s. She was my kryptonite, especially in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She slayed vampires and our hearts.

Blenders: Imagine you have an extra hour in your day, every day. What would you do with that time?

Chase: Hit the surf, without a doubt. Maybe also find something new to challenge myself with outside the water, too, like I did recently with boxing. Remember: Being bad at shit is the first step toward being good. Don’t be afraid to get humbled.

Blenders: So what’s next for the company, boss?

Chase: Let’s see: 1. More RADNESS. 2. New partners, new athletes. 3. More customer smiles. 4. More retail stores in more cities. 5. New steezy, off-the-charts products and categories. 2020 is going to change the damn game for Blendz. Les Go!

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