A Squad Called Blendz: Meet Our Event Coordinator, Marygrace

A Squad Called Blendz: Meet Our Event Coordinator, Marygrace

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If you’ve ever attended a Blenders-sponsored event, you have Marygrace LeGros to thank. She’s the marketing maestro behind event planning—our go-to gal for keeping the party going all year long.

Recently, we had a virtual sit down with Marygrace to pick her brain about her job, her passions, the epic wildness that is The Yacht Week, and her awkward-teen-movie-esque “first kiss.”

1. Hi, Marygrace! Tell the good people out there what you do here at Blenders.

As the Event Coordinator here at Blenders, it’s my job to bring the brand and our customers together by face-to-face interaction. I plan events all over Southern California from the beach to the snow! It’s my job to keep the party going all year long!

2. Fav thing about San Diego?

The weather and living by the ocean, duh! The almost perfect weather year-round is what made me move out here six years ago from Northern Virginia. I couldn't handle the humidity or the snow!

3. What’s that “bucket list” travel destination you’ve never been to? (Multiple answers totally acceptable.)

There are too many to count!



Island of Capri, Italy (in my dreams)




4. What was a highlight from your trip to Croatia with The Yacht Week? What was the one huge thing you learned planning this?

My highlight was spending a week with six strangers on a yacht. We were all from different cities and even different countries. I met and became friends with two Belgians! Both of which had killer dance moves and probably the best stories I've ever heard from all their travel experiences. I think we all formed six-packs by the end of the trip from laughing so hard at their stories.

Oh, and diving for Sea Urchin in the Adriatic Sea was a huge highlight as well.

5. What’s your most cringe-worthy memory from grade school?

Where do I start…

I'll never forget my first kiss. It was something from an awkward teen movie. I was at my 6th-grade end-of-year dance party. I remember I was in the girl's bathroom and my friends came up to tell me my crush was going to ask me to slow dance and kiss me. All I could think about was omg what flavor LipSmacker did I bring and I hope I didn't spray too much of my Sweet Pea Bath & Body Works body spray. So the moment comes. We’re awkwardly dancing, our friends circled around us, talking about our favorite hot pocket flavor… So my crush decides to go in for the kill and at the very same time, I hear my name called, so I turn to look and that's when instead of kissing my lips he kisses my neck. Everyone gasps. We look back at each other; he’s as red as a tomato and then I run away back to the girl's bathroom where it all started. So ya, that was my first “kiss.”

Editor’s Note (to self): Use “fav hot pocket flavor” as icebreaker question on next first date.

6. How are you handling COVID-19? Any plans for post-COVID events you can spill the beans on?

I am holding up okay for the most part. Going a little stir crazy but I’m lucky to live with my two cousins so we keep ourselves entertained. We live in Windansea so we're always going on walks or runs by the water.

I wish I had an event to spill the beans on! As of now, all my events are on hold. In the meantime, I’ve been planning themed “Feel Good Fridays” for our virtual work happy hours!

7. Imagine you need a walk-up song in baseball (or a WWE ring entrance jam, take your pick). What bop are you going with?

WOW, I use this question for ice breakers all the time so I can appreciate this.

“Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap or “Ookay" by Thief.

8. What are your ‘Top 3’ fav pairs of Blendz?

TOP 3: Whiskey Shiner, Pipevine, and Gold Mamba.

Whiskey Shiner


Gold Mamba

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