April Product Spotlight: Blenders x Coast Club Collab

April Product Spotlight: Blenders x Coast Club Collab

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Woo. We’ve got a really special Product Spotlight for you this month—two limited-edition sunglasses born of a collaborative design effort!

We’ve teamed with Coast Club—the Southern Cal DJ/producer duo of Ace Future and Trevor Shawn—to create a set of shades we think will harmonize perfectly with your sick sense of style. Surfers by day and DJs by night, Ace and Trevor are products of the local crossover community of art, fashion, and action sports, making them uniquely qualified for our collection collaboration. Together, we’ve crafted the party-perfect ‘Ace’ and ‘Westside’ custom polarised sunglasses, each bound to keep that special someone (someones?) jockeying for your attention.

The materials featured here are top-notch—durable polycarbonate frames, metal temple accents, and laser-etched logos—but it’s the designs and colorways that’ll have onlookers spinning ‘round like a turntable. We focused on making these fun… because just like a DJ, we know you play for a living.

Cop the collab below!


We see you, hotshot. Your style game’s already first-rate but, hey, you may as well put it over the top with our new ‘Ace’ shades. Part of the ‘Coastal Collection,’ these blue-chip sunnies have been designed in partnership with the Southern Cal DJ/producer collective, Coast Club. Their insignia is tastefully featured on the polarised transparent blue lenses and balanced by the familiar Blenders temple stripes in glossy gunmetal. This is all complemented by a matte-black frame finish that results in an “A1” look that’s bound to be irresistible.


Born of our partnership with Southern Cal’s own Coast Club (Ace Future and Trevor Shawn), our ‘Westside’ sunglasses are a virtuoso expression of our design values. Dripping with style, these come with polarised smoke lenses that are offset by striking, crystal-clear frames with laser-etched logos and gunmetal life in forward motion temple stripes. Trust us, these sunnies are gonna look sick no matter where you sport them—anywhere from the pool deck to the dance floor.

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