April Product Spotlight: Providence Collection

April Product Spotlight: Providence Collection

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Our new ‘Providence Collection’ is the culmination of everything we’ve learned.

A spin-off of our fan-favorite ‘Millenia Collection,’ each pair of shades serves up a revolutionary flat-lens style that’s full-on amazing. The new age design takes a hard edge—literally and figuratively—with an uncompromising and unbridled dedication to strong, defined lines that somehow feels both retro and futuristic. The innovative “top bar” construction reinforces the lenses to the frames creating some of our most durable sunglasses ever, while the polarised lenses offer refined style and advanced protection.

With the ‘Providence Collection,’ you’re destined to look good. Check out each of the styles below!


Hard edges; defined lines. You don’t need to have a mean mug to look absolutely tough in these. The murdered-out aesthetic of the ‘Fifty Eight OG’ offers a matte black frame and polarised smoke lens that lend it one of the hardest-looking styles we’ve ever created. And with the squared-off construction, you’re gonna be a standout—a true original in a sea of pretenders.


The ‘Red Mascara’ sizzle and scintillate thanks to a contrasting black/red, exterior/interior appearance that makes a statement the second anyone lays eyes on you. This crimson coloring acts as an aggressive accent to the ebony that seriously stuns. The seamlessly integrated flat-lens aesthetic with red-printed logo and sleek gunmetal temple stripes are gonna be a conversation starter, too, because when you step out the house looking like this, people are gonna step up to shoot their shot.


The progressive flat-lens design of the ‘Rolling Dice’ is flashy and edgy in all the right ways, as if it’s just challenging people to try and keep up. Because we feel it’s best to always bet on black, we incorporated an obsidian-colored top bar that solidifies structural rigidity and offers a striking character line across the face. The silver metal temple stripes tactfully complement the polarised silver lenses, resulting in a cohesive look that’ll drop jaws and raise interest. Yeah—you rock these out on the weekend and we guarantee you’ll hit the jackpot.


‘Wild Delilah’ offers full-face coverage and hard-cut edges that project unparalleled rigidity and strength. A slick, contrasting gold-printed logo pops on the polarised smoke lenses, too, but we didn’t stop there. Because everything we do, we do it big, we applied captivating black-and-yellow tortoise patterning which stretches along the top bar and down the flaring temples. Every time you pop these on, prepare to be infused with confidence.

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