August Spotlight: The Blenders Roxie Collection

August Spotlight: The Blenders Roxie Collection

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OK, so it’s been a wild couple months here at Blenders HQ.

In the past, we’ve taken a moment each month to shine a spotlight on a specific pair of sunnies. 

But things have been popping off.

Last month we had an entirely new collection to showcase—our Cardiff collection comprised of handmade metallic acetate—and this month is no different.

Say hello to our Roxie collection. It’s our first line specifically designed with the ladies in mind—although guys, if you’re feeling any of these, don’t let us cramp your style.

Notably, each of the below is in the popular “Cat Eye” style, lending each of these (and by extension, you) a certain mysterious allure. And construction quality is 10/10, with stainless steel hinges and, of course, our famed “maximum comfortability.”

But let’s take a look at each of the 5 new sunglasses entries in turn…

1. Runway Doll

There’s a way to do black and gold right, and tbh, we think we’ve nailed it here. Sophisticated but not overwrought, the Runway Doll will go with most any outfit you’re rocking, whether you’re headed to a backyard kegger or dressed-to-impressed for the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer. (Actually, now that we think of it, those two things aren’t that different.)

2. Foxy Joxy

An awesome counterpart to the Runway Doll, these are so not reserved. Marked by stellar tortoise shell frames and purple-mirrored lenses, you’re going to be the focal point when you’re rocking these.

3. Cinder Bella

Bellissimo! Seriously, these are gorgeous. From the sky blue-mirrored lenses to the transparent, almost ethereal citrus blue-tinted frames, the Cinder Bella’s have a hint of the otherworldly to them. You get the feeling that fantasy can become reality when you wear these… except in this case, the fun never has to end at midnight.

4. Avalanche Girl

Silver-mirrored lenses and… wow, check out those frames. You’re going to absolutely slay in these. Nothing more need be said.

5. Kim Dandy

Pink pops, especially against these pure snow white frames. These are just too clean. There’s no way around it—with our Kim Dandy sunglasses, you’re going to dazzle and delight.

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