Behind the Blendz: No Strain  (Save Those Eyes)

Behind the Blendz: No Strain (Save Those Eyes)

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'Behind the Blendz' is an ongoing feature giving you a glimpse at what it means to be in product development here at Blenders. The materials, the process, the people—we’ll be covering it all in the coming months.

Hey you eyes - I mean GUYS!

I'm back with another very exciting topic to cover - Blue Light Blocking Glasses!

Let's talk about why these exist and how they may improve your (very digital) lifestyle.

If you're a living/breathing human being, you most likely own or have access to a smart phone, digital tablet, laptop, and/or television screen. As humans in this day and age, we spend significant amounts of time looking at these screens—sometimes several at once! If you are similar to myself and work off a computer for 6+ hours daily, 5 days out of the week, plus phone time during lunch breaks, evenings and weekends, I'm sure you can relate. ;)

What do you think all this screen time might do to our eyes after long periods of time, you may ask? Well, there are a number of different studies out there that have shed light on some interesting topics, a few of which I will mention here.

Long periods of exposure to high-energy blue light (light that is emitted through digital screens) can promote headaches, restless sleep, blurry vision, dry/irritated eyes, light sensitivity and eye strain.

Not only does blue light come from our computer screens, but it also comes from natural sunlight. Needless to say, there are healthy amounts one would get throughout the day without the addition of screens. However, adding as much screen time to the mix as we tend to do can become concerning—especially considering how close we are, physically, to our screens. (One article on WebMD mentioned to position your computer 25 inches away from your eyes and position it so that it's slightly lower than eye-level... are you doing this?)

With the help of blue-light-blocking glasses, you might be on track to prevent most, if not all, of these concerns. Some of our customers have claimed to have way more energy, feeling less tired throughout the day, and don't have nearly as many headaches as they would without them. In my honest opinion, if you feel eye strain, headaches, or any of the previous listed symptoms and don't currently utilize any special glasses, I'd definitely give these a shot.

What I love most about our lenses is that we've managed to maintain a blue-light-blocking level of 20% without having to tint the lenses yellow. You'll find that most generic blue light lenses in the market have a yellow tint (example below, on the left) which ultimately ends up shifting color quite a bit. Having a clear lens is extremely helpful for those who, like myself, need to look at color as accurately as possible. Regardless, highly recommend!

Oh, and to let you in on a little secret... we're coming out with a few more frame styles to add to this collection. Check 'em out in the gif below!

  • Ghost Lady
  • Wildcat Love
  • Spider Jet
  • High Class Jes
  • Project Whiskey



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