Blenders 9-5 Crew, How We’re Living in Forward Motion: Lexi

Blenders 9-5 Crew, How We’re Living in Forward Motion: Lexi

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Calling it “a crazy couple of months” has been an understatement. COVID-19 has turned life upside down for most, and even those fortunate enough not to contract or suffer from the novel coronavirus have often struggled to remain centered in such a difficult time. You may count yourself among those people.

While we all handle crises differently—and there’s no right or wrong way—here at Blenders, we’ve rallied together to work each day to do the little things that keep our lives in forward motion. In this multi-part feature, we sit down with our colleagues for a little one-on-one time to discuss how we’re staying sane, what we’re thankful for, and all the things we’re most looking forward to as society comes out of the other side of this.

Today, we’re stoked to speak with our Director of Customer Success, Lexi!


How are you staying in forward motion during this time of social distancing? Are there any physical and/or mental practices or exercises you’ve adopted?

I have always wanted to try intermittent fasting, but I struggle to do it in the office. I have been doing it for a month in quarantine now and LOVE IT! I feel like I am on an awesome schedule and it keeps me from overeating when I am 10 steps from the kitchen all day.

2. Sometimes taking a big step back from the everyday routine can cause other things to come into greater focus. Is there something you’re seeing with greater clarity these days?

How little sleep I was allowing myself the first bit of the year. Although quarantine anxiety is giving me weird dreams, overall I am getting more sleep.

I have also been able to spend time with my fiancé and joke around with his team during their team meetings. I think taking the time to really enjoy people is really needed right now.

3. If you could pick one Blendz team member to be quarantined with, who would it be? (Maybe just someone you can trust not to eat all the snacks?)

Patrick. 1. He is always happy, and would keep me positive. 2. He is super active and would convince me to move around more. 3. He and I both love chicken wings, and I feel like we could eat them each day together.

4. What habit or fad have you succumbed to that you swore you never would prior to these events? (Ex: Don’t even lie—we know you’re secretly scheming to get TikTok famous now.)

Oh my goodness. I went through a dark time at the beginning of this. I did those tag a friend to post these gifs of their favorite things. I immediately regretted it but didn’t feel like I could delete it because I tagged people in it. That stuff reminds me of my Myspace and Messenger days. I felt like I was 14 again.

5. What’s the first thing you’re doing once the social distancing restrictions are lifted that you cannot or will not currently do now?

1. I am definitely not going to spend as much money on fancy coffees. We have been making it every morning, and I see how much money I still have. It is amazing.

2. Go out for dinner. I am typically exhausted from a long day at work and don’t want to do anything once I get home. I would really like to take the time to enjoy the amazing restaurants around me, not just on the weekends.

6. If there’s one positive change you most hope can come out of all this, what is it?

A flexible work schedule for all. I think the daily commute to the office adds so much pollution to the environment. It would be so cool to see more companies adopt a three-day-a-week office thing. Everyone has so much to do on Mondays, and Fridays easily get turned into fun days. Think of the environmental impact if no one drove an additional two days a week! //

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