Blenders Product Spotlight: Splashtacular Snow Goggles

Blenders Product Spotlight: Splashtacular Snow Goggles

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Look, we’re a little obsessed with our new Blenders snow goggles. But can you blame us? They take everything we’ve long put into our sunglasses line—the fresh design aesthetic, “maximum comfortability,” and “priced to party” model—and extended it to winter sports gear.

Last month, we shined a light on our Painted Legacy model. Because there remains a ton of fresh powder out there for you to shred this season, for January we figured we’d keep it rolling with an in-depth look at our Splashtacular goggles.

Splashtacular | Framed

If you’re tired of the same old, drab designs pushed by others (wow, look at us throwing shade), our Splashtacular goggles turn that predictable aesthetic upside down and backhand it into next week.

That may seem like an exaggeration at first blush but when you stop to look at this mind-bendingly trippy design, everything immediately becomes clear. Or rather, everything immediately becomes pleasantly hazy and positively psychedelic. The goggles offer a tie-dyed explosion of frenetic color, with the frames incorporating a wild menagerie of oranges, purples, greens, reds, blues, and yellows. This sublime sensory onslaught is mirrored by the exuberant patterning of the silicone strap backing.

The Splashtacular isn’t just good looking—it offers smart design. The Polar Pink lens provides 100% UV protection and super anti-fog + anti-scratch + anti-reflective technology to ensure you slay the slopes with aplomb. And the triple-layer face foam with fleece lining will remain agreeable no matter how long you stay on the mountain.

Pick these up today before they sell out—because, like our other goggles, they’re going stupid fast!

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