February Product Spotlight: Pacific Grace and Pink Lloyd

February Product Spotlight: Pacific Grace and Pink Lloyd

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We’ve got some hot ones for you this February.

In the spirit of love and romance and all that mushy junk, we’ve launched our exclusive Valentine’s Collection. Well, scratch that: Actually, it’s more in the spirit of making sure you have a fresh selection of dope ass shades to choose from this month.

And, if you can excuse us for being presumptuous, we think we really killed it with these.

The Pink Lloyd sunnies are an in-your-face (and, literally, on-your-face) burst of perfectly pink passion that feels evocative of the upcoming holiday. By contrast, our Pacific Grace sunglasses are the kind of understated sexy that will drive that special someone a special kind of wild.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these!

Pink Lloyd

These shades don’t need a pop culture reference to make them pop—look at ‘em. They take our reliable, premium spring-loaded hinge engineering and mate it with a wildly vivacious shock of pink power that’ll have you crushing hearts. And when we say “pink,” we mean it—these go all-in with their hot pink lenses and frames that are full-blown bubble gum in the front and a contrasted, clear gloss in the back. They’re just as bold and effervescent as you. In other words, they’re pretty perfect.

Pacific Grace

The sexy subtlety of our 'Pacific Grace' sunglasses doesn’t keep them from making a strong immediate impression—they’re sensationally sophisticated, yet they still carry the familiar Blenders distinction of being designed outside-the-box. If you were planning a 2018 style transformation, these will have you glowing in a hot second. You'll be able to look your best when you’re with these Rose Gold-lensed frames, it’s like the face of these are perpetually doused in a dazzling sunset. And they’re finished in an ice blue gloss finish that is all-the-way fabulous.

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