Get Holiday Blended: Our 2018 Gift Guide!

Get Holiday Blended: Our 2018 Gift Guide!

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Happy Holidays, ya filthy animals!

Having a solid December? Already been more lit than a Christmas tree at parties? Fantastic. But hey, we know that between all your family engagements, SantaCons, ugly sweater shindigs, and misguided attempts to get that special(?) someone under some mistletoe that you don’t have much time for anything else. If you’re behind on shopping for a loved one—or yourself, for that matter—we’ve compiled this handy-dandy gift guide!

Below, you’re going to find some of our fav picks from our 2018 collection—goggles, shades, and more that will help have you at your best in 2019. Get shopping, Blendz fam!



Floral Sky

Sure, shredding that fresh powder is a priority, but looking good while doing it has to come in a close second, right? Fortunately, our floral sky frameless snow goggles enable both. They offer 100% UV protection and full helmet compatibility, of course—but just gaze at ‘em. The arctic blue lens surrounded by a clean matte blue outline seems evocative of the boundless sky itself. The yellow floral pattern on the strap complements the front of the goggles beautifully and brings a fun dose of springtime style to a serious piece of winter sports equipment.


Gemini One

The Gemini One’s stand alone in the Blenders snow goggles collection as our “all-business, let’s-go-kick-some-ass” entrant. These forgo a playful color scheme, instead embracing a killer all-black design, save for the clean pop of our signature white Stripes that remind everyone to live in forward motion. Never has that slogan been more appropriate than when shredding the gnar, and our Gemini One’s put you in the best position to do so thanks to the frameless design and three-layer foam and black fleece construction. Plus, the matte black adjusting hardware ensures you’re always rocking the right fit.



Now here’s how you make a statement on the slopes. Both somehow retro cool and contemporary at the same time, the dramatic neon Orbatron snow goggles look as positively electrifying today as they would have in the 1980s and early 90s. The pink lens shocks the senses, and at an angle offers a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors. The distinctive patterning on the elastic band is unapologetically throwback, while the adjusting hardware comes clad in a stealth-bomber matte black. In sum: Against a backdrop of pure, stark white powder, the Orbatron’s will make you stand out as surely as your sick shredding skills.


Unbound Melody

Unparalleled utility lies in perfect harmony with stunning style thanks to our frameless ‘Unbound Melody’ snow goggles. This latest Blenders beaut boasts 100% UV protection and complete compatibility with your existing helmets, serving to seal out the elements and helping to make your next run on the slopes your finest yet. You’ll be stunting hard, too, thanks to the gorgeous polar pink lens and the intricate, color-complementing paisley pattern on the adjustable strap. Cheers to one of our crunchiest designs yet!



Autumn Fire

In our (humble!) opinion, the unapologetically bold style of the ‘Autumn Fire’ sunnies absolutely roasts the competition. The headliner design statement is those magnificent, frameless Orange Superflash lenses, but a closer inspection reveals “Fire Red Tortoise” accents that are a scorching hot twist to the fashion-forward look. Not recommended for anyone wanting to blend into a crowd—these will have you burning bright everywhere you go!


Black Tundra

Our ‘Black Tundra’ sunglasses are a quintessential companion piece for the enthusiast seeking to escape the gloom and haze of everyday life and discover the clarity of mind granted by the great outdoors. They sport a pitch black aesthetic that’s like staring into the abyss of a deep crevasse. The shadowy frames are complemented by our fan-favorite polarised smoke lenses for one of the stealthiest looks available in our entire catalog.


High Class Jes

Our ‘High Class Jes’ sunglasses are a soft, feminine spin on the classic aviator style. The pale pink and the shining silver contrast splendidly with each other, giving these shades the aura of fun, female sophistication. They’re less expensive than a first-class flight but feel just as luxurious.



Our ‘Surfliner’ sunnies are the embodiment of the vacation mindset. Pop these babies on and your brain will instantly be on holiday—the transparent turquoise frames recall the breaking surf of a windswept beach. There’s a killer aesthetic twist here, too—the frames follow a gradient to black that makes for a seamless transition into the polarised smoke lenses. These are the sunglasses for the guy or gal that’s perfectly at ease.


Cinder Bella

Bellissimo! Seriously, these are gorgeous. From the sky blue-mirrored lenses to the transparent, almost ethereal citrus blue-tinted frames, the ‘Cinder Bella’s’ have a hint of the otherworldly to them. You get the feeling that fantasy can become reality when you wear these… except in this case, the fun never has to end at midnight.



Spike the eggnog cuz our limited-time holiday pouches are set to party! These are like stockings for your sunnies—they keep ‘em safe when you’re not stunting in ‘em. (And if you need a less festive design, we’ve got an all-season style below, too!)

Bad Sweater Pouch


Palms Soft Pouch


Trees Soft Pouch


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