January Product Spotlight: Aluminati Collection

January Product Spotlight: Aluminati Collection

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Lightweight feel. Heavyweight look. Say what’s up to the all-new ‘Aluminati Collection.’

This is a very special product spotlight because it represents a first-of-its-kind aluminum collection for us. And we. Are. HYPED!

The ‘Aluminati Collection’ represents a breathtaking synergy of form and function. It combines ethereal-feeling aluminum alloy frames with polarised protection and six crisp colorways for the ultimate go-anywhere, go-with-anything shades. They’re going to be the spark that sets everything off for ya—and you can get them now.

Cop your fave look(s) below!

Metallic Mist (Circular)

You can’t have an all-aluminum collection without a classic silver colorway, and ‘Metallic Mist’ is precisely the go-anywhere and go-with-anything pair you need in your life. The metallic silver frame is matched with polarised smoke lenses in a quintessential circular shape for a versatile look. These are lightweight on your face but a total heavyweight when it comes to effortless style.

Kool Energy (Circular)

Invigorate your aesthetic with ‘Kool Energy.’ There’s an electric appeal to these shades—the metallic blue frame and blue mirror lenses are a refreshing blast of vibrant color. The aluminum construction ensures you feel as if you’re wearing nothing at all thanks to a supreme airiness that’s unmatched in other materials. Plus, polarization makes for sunnies that carry the spark to set off your whole day.

MC Firewalker (Circular)

‘MC Firewalker’ blazes a new trail for fashion-forward shades everywhere. These uber lightweight wireframes are doused in a stunning, sparkling metallic orange hue and set alight with polarised orange mirror lenses. It’s a combo that burns bright and one sure to stoke the interests of whomever crosses your path. If you don’t like attention, you may want to look elsewhere.

Blushing Bella (Cateye)

‘Blushing Bella’ represents the intersection of super lightweight design and sophisticated style. We’ve taken our breakthrough aluminum alloy construction and matched it with our fan-favorite cateye aesthetic for a breathtaking synergy of form and function. We then wrap it all in a metallic pink tone paired with polarised smoke lenses for a look that’s flush with sensual appeal.

Nightly Obsession (Cateye)

Our passion for innovative material design reaches a fever pitch with ‘Nightly Obsession.’ Our first-of-its-kind aluminum alloy construction ensures these feel fabulous on your face. Moreover, the polarised power makes for all-day appeal while the chic black frames and silver mirror lenses create an essential evening accessory. Noon to night, these sunnies are set to be a source of infatuation.

Alumina Lust (Cateye)

Our coveted cateye design and lightweight aluminum alloy make for the perfect futuristic fun of ‘Alumina Lust.’ If you find yourself already longing for this look, who could blame you? The metallic blue frame and pink mirror lenses are wildly desirous, and the polarised, nearly weightless construction elevates ‘Alumina Lust’ to a seriously lofty status. Make no mistake, these are a statement piece destined for serving looks.

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