July Spotlight: The Blenders Cardiff Collection

July Spotlight: The Blenders Cardiff Collection

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Typically, we take time out each month to hit you with a knowledge bomb re: one or two of our hottest selling sunglasses. This month, however, is special.

We’re pretty absurdly excited about a brand new line we have coming out: the Cardiff Collection. What makes it so special? Well, it’s simply our highest-quality sunglasses collection ever. Really. We’ve done some cool stuff, but we’ve never made anything quite this kickass before.

The key to it all? Handmade metallic acetate. That’s the exemplary material we’ve using exclusively to build out our new line of shades. The composition of this stuff is way too technical to go into detail here, but feel free to nerd out on Wikipedia.

Let’s take a brief look at each of the collection’s entrants:

Black Betsy

Très chic! Our Black Betsy sunglasses are timeless af—so much so we’re willing to bet they’ll be stylish 20 years from now just as they would have been two decades ago. These are an awesome throwback that demand a place in your personal collection.

Gold Mamba

And now for something decidedly less buttoned down… the Gold Mamba! With polarised amber lenses and a distinctive brown tortoise pattern that will absolutely be a conversation starter, these are great for picking up new friends poolside.

Isabella Swift

Whoa. The vibrant pink-mirrored lenses, eclectic blue tortoise frames… these are just the right amount of extra. Seriously. Saying this kaleidoscope of colors will make a “splash” is an understatement.


Outside of the undeniably electric green-mirrored lenses, our Junipers are more subtle than the Isabella Swift or Gold Mamba Cardiff Collection members. But a closer look at the black frames reveal swirls of white and gray that dose it with awesome personality.


Daaaammmmn (said in an Ice Cube/Chris Tucker voice). Our new Tomahawk shades round out a collection of heavy hitters with a kickass camo style mated to fiery fun red-mirrored lenses. There’s a depth to the color and detail of the frame design that’s nearly unparalleled.

One more note we want to make: Every example of the Cardiff Collection above is built with a five-barrel stainless steel hinge. These puppies are gonna last, so don’t hesitate to grab a couple!

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