March Product Spotlight: Millenia Collection

March Product Spotlight: Millenia Collection

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The world’s changing. Self-driving cars. Augmented reality. Animated turd emojis on our phones. It’s wild. Are we to let our personal style take a backseat to all the seismic shifts around us?

Nah. At Blenders, we’re about progress—and making really, really cool designs. And we’ve never been more daring and forward-thinking than we are now with our next-generation ‘Millenia Collection.’

The Millenia Collection sunglasses flip the fashion script. We’ve pioneered a sleek, singular design bereft of frames that’s breathtaking in its minimalism. The polarised, mirrored Superflash lenses shimmer in seamless glory—they’re like the infinity pool of lenses! The double-barrel stainless steel hinges ensure ridiculously long-lasting durability, while the metal stripe embellishments and customized Blenders icon pin further punch up the aesthetic.

Peep each of our scintillating new Millenia Collection styles below, and don’t be shy about adding a couple to your cart. They’re our most revolutionary frames ever… and we can’t wait for you to experience each!

Nocturnal Q

Frames are forgotten here. Instead, the matte-black Superflash lenses flow unimpeded to each edge. The entire face of the ‘Nocturnal Q’ sunnies is clean and seamless, save for the stylized, custom "life in forward" motion pin. The absence of frames doesn’t mean a void of detailing, either—gunmetal accents appear on the interior and flow along the temples, capping off one of our finest designs to date.

Jenna Cartel

The contrast of the popping pink details against the black temples in tandem with the terrific Rose Superflash polarised lenses make the ‘Jenna Cartel’ something else. The aesthetic is simple yet scintillating. Wired, not tired. Flashy, not trashy. It goes just as far as necessary to act as a statement piece without overstepping. And make no mistake—the second you debut these, people will be tripping over themselves to get a minute of your time.

Autumn Fire

In our (humble!) opinion, the unapologetically bold style of the ‘Autumn Fire’ sunnies absolutely roasts the competition. The headliner design statement is those magnificent, frameless Orange Superflash lenses, but a closer inspection reveals “Fire Red Tortoise” accents that are a scorching hot twist to the fashion-forward look. Not recommended for anyone wanting to blend into a crowd—these will have you burning bright everywhere you go!

Berry Loud

Everything about these screams “sensational.” TFW you first put these on and check yourself out is hard to describe. The zero curvature and perfect mirror finish achieved by the purple Superflash lenses, the one-of-a-kind custom Blenders pin… and lawd, that plum tortoise patterning adorning the sides! To die for.

Blue Phoenix

We combine a classic shape with “infinity pool”-esque sky blue Superflash lenses for something truly special here. The ‘Blue Phoenix’ also sport a strong polycarbonate frame that effortlessly matches the bright blue of the lenses, creating something all of a piece that’s at once elegantly chic yet also positively electric. If your style was feeling a bit burnt out lately, we promise you—once you pop these babies on, your aesthetic’s gonna rise from the ashes in a hurry.

Kiwi Ice

The ‘Kiwi Ice’ are so cold it’s ridiculous. We take the first-of-its-kind flat lens design of our ‘Millenia Collection’ and pair it with a jumping jolt of yellow across the face of the shades. This is contrasted by the crisp see-through styling of the clear frames, which are tastefully adorned by lightly contrasting pure white embellishments. No matter where you are when you rock these, you’re gonna feel like you’re on island time sipping a Mai Tai. Because no matter what is happening around you, when you look this dope, life is always good.

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