Meet the Squad: Blenders Branded Content Manager, Katy

Meet the Squad: Blenders Branded Content Manager, Katy

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Hey, we get it. You can’t help but be a bit curious about our lil Squad Called Blendz out here in sunny San Diego. Who’s a part of it? What do they do? How do they slay the style game?

Well, today’s your lucky day! We’re pulling back the veil of secrecy with our new “Meet the Squad” feature. From time to time, we’ll give you a chance to meet our team and witness how we’re living in forward motion by spotlighting one of our colleagues and friends.

Today’s member of the Blendz fam? None other than Blenders Branded Content Manager, Katy. (You can stay in the know re: Katy by giving her a follow here!) She was kind enough to answer a few burning questions we had for her:

Tell us about you?

Katy: I started working with Blenders on a monthly contract for content creation. Chase liked my work enough to offer me the opportunity to move down to San Diego to join the team as their full-time brand photographer. Seven months later, I’m currently Blenders’ Branded Content Manager. I produce the majority of our creative content as well as help lead a team of creatives + oversee all our content creation.

Dope. Here’s an important one: What inspires you to live life in forward motion?

Katy: Find inspiration in the everyday. Every moment of human life is unique and beautiful. Life is incredibly short. Don’t let your dreams die within you. Inhale the air of passion. Embrace your mistakes. Smile. Laugh. Love. Live. I’m living my dreams, looking forward to the future, while whole-heartedly being in the present and loving who I am in every moment. Time to crush 2019!

What’s your fav shoot?

Katy: You can see some of my favorite projects embedded into this write-up!

Fav thing about San Diego?

Katy: The diversity, the weather, the people are way real here and open-minded. Everything you’d possibly want to do is within a reasonable radius—beach, mountains, desert, snow.

And of course, you know we gotta ask… what’s your go-to pair of Blendz? Multiple answers are totally fine.

Katy: Always tough, so let’s rock a “Top 3” here. In no particular order:

Dixieland Grand

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Modern Architect

University Heights

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