Priced to Party: ABC10 Interviews Blenders

Priced to Party: ABC10 Interviews Blenders

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“Sunglasses should not cost more than iPads these days.”

That’s our founder, Chase Fisher, in a recent interview with local ABC affiliate KGTV outta San Diego. And when you actually stop and think about it—dang, that actually is a statement with some teeth to it, especially with those new $329 iPads you can cop these days.

Thankfully, through the wicked power of social media and, most of all, every one of you out there that “likes” our posts, comments on Insta, reads this blog, and otherwise shows us love, we’re able to spread the good word on “priced to party” shades. Heck, it’s why KGTV gave us a chance to talk about what we do and why we do it.

We hate to gloat, so consider this a, ugh, humblebrag—we’re super stoked about getting interviewed and sharing what we love. Three takeaways from this experience:

1. We met some cool folks working over at KGTV in San Diego.

2. “We’re on TV! We’re on TV!” (Sorry, we can’t help ourselves.)

3. No one anywhere, at any time, would have ever put any of our ugly mugs up anywhere if it weren’t for all of you—our patrons, fans, readers, and influencers. We owe this to you.

Thank ya. We mean it.

Best thing we can do right now? Get back to work creating more kickass sunglasses and snow goggle designs for you.

(But indulge us for a hot second as we hit play one more time…)

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