Spring Blend, April 2018

Spring Blend, April 2018

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Let's see what all of you got into this month… (Hint: It’s a lot.)

1. @lalas_mermaid_lyfe | South Florida

Just a typical day in the life of this self-professed mermaid, Laura…rolling around in the sand, going for a swim, and losing track of time.”

Shades: Rose Theater

2. @abigailrsebastian | The Flower Fields, CA

Abigail here stops to smell the flowers on Earth Day.

Shades: Symphony

3. @crazyfurbabylady

Awesome doggo, Mac, understands that his future is so bright that he’s just gotta wear some Blue Phoenix shades (part of our new Millenia line)!

Shades: Blue Phoenix

4. @cynthialols4eva

Dental hygienist and West Virginia girl, Cynthia, living the dream with her Blenders shades.

Shades: Rose Theater

5. @cpatt15 | Coachella

Christina here was spotted doing the most and living it up at Coachella a few days ago. Festival fun FTW!

Shades: Autumn Fire

6. @bburlingham87

As you can see, our brand-new Providence Collection will completely revitalize your spring and summer style.

Shades: Wild Delilah

7. @tydi

Composer, producer, and world traveller, tyDi, helped us give away a few of our frameless Jenna Cartel sunnies from the new Millenia Collection in honor of the release of his latest album, COLLIDE. Thanks, tyDi!

Shades: Jenna Cartel

8. @elenarasbear

Elena loves how our Alumni Queen sunglasses incorporate her fav aesthetic—marble.

Shades: Alumni Queen

9. @makeartnotwar23 | Akureyri, Iceland

@makeartnotwar23 is a serious adventurer—here she is straddling two tectonic plates at the same time (the North American plate & the Eurasian plate)!

Shades: Rose Theater

10. @ewandurkin | Pig Beach - Big Major Cay, Exuma, Bahamas

This perfect lil paradise piggy here thought Ewan’s camera was a carrot.

Shades: Natty McNasty

11. @rec9799 | Dubrovnik, Croatia

Nothing better than a little vacation boozin—and @rec9799 agrees.

Shades: Blue Angel

12. @juan__christensen | Perseverance Lake Trail, Juneau, Alaska

Juan and his Tipsy Goat’s were feeling the call of the wild.

Shades: Tipsy Goat

13. @chaserzsd | San Diego, CA

Blenders founder, Chase Fisher (right), and friend and photographer, Mac Nguyen, both rocking our new Providence Collection.

Shades: Left: Fifty Eight OG

Right: Wild Delilah

14. @lovedeeplyliveadventurously | Silverton, CO

Adventurer and 2x national downhill mountain bike champion, Melissa, takes her eye protection seriously. And these are her fav shades ever!

Shades: Kate Forest (Not currently available)

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