Summer Blend: May 2018

Summer Blend: May 2018

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All of you have really outdone yourselves this month. Excursions to the Badlands, Norway, the West Indies… your dedication to living life in forward motion has never been on finer display.

Let’s check out all the kickass stuff you got into thus far this May!

1. @co_franz | Disneyland, Anaheim, CA

Courtney and Chase here looking cute on their summer vacay.

Shades: Tipsy Goat Polarised

2. @djjoshy | Seaside Heights, NJ

We couldn’t have asked for a better model, Joshua. Hope that ice cream was dope.

Shades: Natty Ice Lime

3. @dwertz33 | Badlands National Park, SD

Road warrior @dwertz33 looking like a badass in the Badlands with his new Providence Collection sunnies.

Shades: Rolling Dice

4. @fatnfit_ish | San Diego State University, CA

It’s commencement season and Jason here is awfully proud of graduate, Kassie. Congrats on being “Finally done with that BS,” Kassie!

Shades: Black Betsy

5. @flyinryan88 | Skydive Moab, UT

On the subject of base jumping, we’ll let Ryan here sum it up: “There's just something about being scared that's really cool!”

Shades: Symphony

6. @kelslev015 | Unstad, Nordland, Norway

Even though she’s busy climbing the rungs of her career ladder, Kelsey here makes some time to climb mountains, too. Keep doing the most, Kelsey!

Shades: Rose Theater

7. @maverickandwillow | Mammoth Mountain, CA

Our new Millenia Collection sunglasses have never looked so doggone good. (OK, look, we’re sorry, but we couldn’t resist the pun). But really, Maverick and Willow here look amazing! Couple of dapper Australian Shepherds.

Shades: Blue Phoenix

Shades: Autumn Fire

8. @katenoeight | Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Being mama to this fluffy girl, Rev, never gets old for owner, Kate.

Shades: Rose Theater

9. @rpoh89 | University of Florida

Weightlifter and rock enthusiast, Ryan, repping Blenders hard down at the Swamp Challenge in Gainesville. He was absolutely stoked the announcers called him a “stout man,” and we can’t disagree with that designation.

Shades: Tipsy Goat Polarised

10. @shannonator1 | Antigua & Barbuda, West Indies

Shannon is already missing hubby, Andre, but somehow, we feel that the fact she lives in the West Indies is something that will definitely continue to brighten her day even in his absence. (We’re high-key jealous of your island life, Shannon, in case you couldn’t tell.)

Shades: Deep Space Venus (left)

Shades: Palace Gypsy (right)

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