A Squad Called Blendz: Meet Skateboarding Phenom, Tom Schaar

A Squad Called Blendz: Meet Skateboarding Phenom, Tom Schaar

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Sup! Are you having a good week? Because we sure as hell are.

Here’s the sitch: Our Blendz fam keeps growing. And it’s not just uber-talented designers, writers, and customer service champions that we’re adding to our team—our stable of kickass sponsored athletes is blowing up, too.

If you missed it, last year we added skateboarding phenom, 19-year-old Tom Schaar, to our squad. And if you’re somehow unfamiliar with him, let us quickly provide an education: Tom was the first skateboarder to ever land a 1080—basically the holy grail of skateboarding tricks— and he did it at friggin’ 12 years old (he quickly followed up and landed it in competition at Tehachapi, Calif in March of 2012). He’s also the youngest X Games gold medalist ever. Oh, and the youngest Dew Tour champion. And the youngest Austin X-Games “Big Air” gold medalist. Not to mention the youngest Vans Pool Party champion.

Yeah, it’s ridiculous, isn’t it? And toward that latter point, this past weekend Tom became the first Vans Pool Party champion to secure a three-peat victory. So, as you can imagine, we felt it was the perfect moment for a little face time with the phenom:

Blenders: You’re just 19. You’re the youngest X Games gold medalist in history—an eight-time-medalist now, actually. The youngest Vans Pool Party champion, etc. How do you keep your competitive edge after such early success?

Tom: I mean what keeps me motivated to keep competing is just the fact that I like competing, it’s the energy and the stress and a combination of a bunch of things that make that moment after the contest is over so special.

Blenders: Tell us how it felt to hit that first 1080 in Tehachapi. You were just 12!

Tom: Wow, I mean, I still don’t know what to say about the 1080. I mean, it still shocks me that it happened even today but I’m really grateful it did happen because it’s opened a lot of doors for me!

Blenders: It’s not just practicing tricks—strength training is required to compete at your level, too. What’s your workout routine like?

Tom: Skateboarding has become more then just skating every day—to be able to compete and skate all year around, I have to train on the side a little. I work out three days a week and it’s mostly endurance and strength training.

Blenders: Is there an extreme sport or activity you haven’t tried that you’re dying to experience?

Tom: I haven’t been sky diving yet but that’s next on the list of dumb things to try. Haha.

Blenders: Imagine you have your own “Freaky Friday” moment. Who are ya wanting to swap places with and why?

Tom: I’m definitely picking Ishod Wair to switch with because if I could just skate like him for one day I’d be stoked.

Blenders: And, of course, the obvious question: What are your fav pairs of Blendz?

Tom: My favorite pairs are definitely the Purple Friday North Parks, the Diamond Mint Hexagrams, and the Dixieland Grand Halos.

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Dixieland Grand

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