The Future Is Bright: Inside the TV Spot

The Future Is Bright: Inside the TV Spot

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Blenders Eyewear VP of Creative, Terry Snyder, wanted to "cut through the ordinary" when it came to television... so he and his team went all-out with a full-on color blast in our new "The Future Is Bright" TV spot. We sat down with Terry to discuss the challenges, triumphs, and special moments involved with the ad's creation.

1. Terry, this is your first interview featured on “The Perfect Blend!” Hit us with an intro on what you do in Blenderville.

Terry: Oh, for sure! My name is Terry Snyder and I am the VP of Creative here at Blenders. I have an amazing team of creators, marketers, designers, photographers and videographers I am blessed to work with to bring the brand to the people!

2. In the last year, what's been your favorite thing about working at Blenders? (Aside from all the sweet merch!)

Terry: I love meeting and working with athletes, coming up with bright and colorful concepts and helping them come to life… with that awesome team I described.

3. Let’s pivot to TV. Where did “The Future is Bright” concept originate?

Terry: Some adjectives we hold dear here at Blenders are Bold & Colorful so I knew a concept that involved a full-on color blast would help cut through the ordinary we see in so many TV ads. I felt like if we could have a unique way to reveal our product and some amazing faces of the brand, it would leave an imprint on people's minds who see the commercial. Plus, everything looks cooler in slow motion. Facts.

4. What did you anticipate as the biggest challenge in executing this concept—and by contrast, what was the biggest challenge in practice?

Terry: You really only get 1 shot at throwing paint on someone and getting it right. It's all captured at 1,000 frames per second and it all happens in less than a second. Everything has to happen just right. The timing of the different colors of paint, the paint consistency, the communication of the team, where's the shower for the talent, not getting paint in someone's eyes… I could go on! In practice, the biggest challenge as the Director of this spot actually was the timing, but we nailed it… oh, and the clean up was gnarly hahaha!

5. What surprised you the most on set? A “wow!” moment.

Terry: I couldn't believe how stoked everyone was. I thought for sure at least one person was gonna be super bummed after they got drenched and then had to shower a few gallons of paint out of their hair!

6. Who delivered your favorite paint reaction?

Terry: Dang, well everyone had their own MVP moment - The Buttery Bros brought the amazing reactions and stepped up to the plate to go first. Amber did hers twice!! Full cleanup, hair and make-up again because we wanted to get our timing better. She was definitely down to get it right. Chase brought so much fun to the photo session after his video part wrapped up and we had to get those photos into the final edit. Ashley's just looks surreal—when that paint peels off of her face, moving in reverse, and she's all pristine with her hair done like "what, I woke up like this" it was amazing! But wow… Austin Keen got paint in his mouth and spit it at the camera for a shot! We didn't plan for that to happen and I always love the surprise shots that make the edit.

7. Any words of wisdom for creatives diving into television?

Terry: It's all about making people remember the brand, product, or service through your concept. Throw some paint, be loud, or… be quiet because everyone else is loud. Surround yourself with people that trust your vision and are down to get messy!

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