Chase Fisher Talks TV, Founder's Story

Chase Fisher Talks TV, Founder's Story

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People said he was crazy to do this…so he fkn' did it. Our founder, Chase Fisher, shook up the sunglasses industry by creating something different, radical, and fun—Blenders Eyewear. Now, he’s rocking the airwaves with his Founder’s Story, so we sat down with the bossman to discuss all things TV.

1. Not only does 2022 mark the 10th anniversary of Blenders, it’s also the year the company takes on television. How does that feel?!

It’s hard to put into words just how much these last 10 years have meant to me. I have to pinch myself sometimes to see how far we’ve come. I’m truly humbled and grateful for this journey and the Blenderville community, but more importantly, I’m inspired for where we are going.

Chase Fisher, Blenders Eyewear Founder

2. Why did Blenders decide to take on TV?

TV has always been a channel on our radar.

Ask anyone about a reliable growth channel. They will all say Facebook. Why? Because it’s the most performance-driven platform ever created. You wanna connect with males in their twenties who like festivals? Go to Facebook. You wanna reach females in their twenties who like yoga? Go to Facebook. But recent changes to software privacy settings have altered the dynamics behind how we deliver our message to our Blend Heads. We’ve had to look elsewhere to continue to connect with our fans and supporters in meaningful ways.

So where does that lead us? To TV, baby! A traditional platform with a large scale. It’s our big bet for 2022 and a channel I’ve always been excited about.

Will TV work as well as Facebook once did? No, it won't. But there’s something wildly prestigious and cool about TV that shows the brand in its most elevated form. And that fires me up!

Chase Fisher, Blenders Eyewear Founder

3. What was something fun you learned during the creative process?

Thirty seconds isn’t a long time. At all. With television, every second counts; each word and action matters. We’re learning how to convey Blenders in a more efficient (and even more thrilling!) way than ever before. It’s gonna pay serious dividends long into the future.

4. What’s your hope with the Founder’s Story spot? What is the main message you want Blend Heads to walk away with?

People crave the 3 Rs (Raw, Real, Relatable) and my hope for this is educating the “WHY” behind what we do and the “WHO” behind our products. A big piece of what makes Blenders successful is our ability to relate and be personable with our customers. So many brands these days are faceless and it’s hard to relate to them. I never wanted that. I’ve always wanted our community to feel as close to the brand as we are. So anytime we can step outside the logo, the better.

Chase Fisher, Blenders Eyewear Founder

5. So, you rocked the airwaves. What's next?

A Super Bowl Ad. Haha, just kidding. We want to continue to optimize and create new experiences for TV. There’s still a lot more learning and unpacking we need to do with this channel. But outside of that, we’re rocking retail hard with 3-4 new stores opening this year. Houston, Santa Monica, and Florida are all opening in the next 6 months. We also have exciting new partnerships, fire product drops, and further expansion internationally all on the horizon.

It’s all happening, baby!

Chase Fisher, Blenders Eyewear Founder

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