Behind the Blendz: Anthony Walsh

Behind the Blendz: Anthony Walsh

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Australian-born professional surfer, Anthony Walsh, has long called Hawaii home and long made the big waves of Oahu his passion. He's famous for showing the world what it's like to live inside of a barrel, and now he's bringing his stoke—and his sensational POV—to Blenders.

As our newest content creator, you owe it to yourself to get to know Anthony because, trust us, few Live in Forward Motion the way he does!

Anthony Walsh: Living a Wild Ride

Life should be an adrenaline-charged adventure. Just ask Anthony Walsh. And if you don’t, he may just tell you anyway. After all, he approaches surfing with a conviction that’s nearly unmatched—a belief that life’s simply better when you’re getting barreled.

While Anthony began his pro surfing career way back in 2007 on the World Surfing League’s Men’s CT, his true passion lies not only with freely experiencing the planet’s best waves, but sharing those experiences with others. In 2016, he went viral and his Insta absolutely blew up following an exquisite 11-barrel performance on a single wave—Skeleton Bay, located in the West African country of Namibia. Fortunately for everyone, the mind-melting footage was captured and uploaded to his Insta, nabbing 1st place in Surfline's “GoPro of the World” contest and netting Anthony a cool 20 grand.

Anthony wasn’t and still isn’t in it for the money, though. You can hear it in the way he continues to talk about Skeleton Bay—superlatives that include “it’s a special wave” and “the wave itself is perfect” and “you couldn’t even dream a better wave.” He seems to approach Skeleton Bay, and surfing in general, with a mystical reverence and so it’s no wonder that he lives to share those experiences with his more than 160,000 Instagram followers.

Since that 2016 viral breakthrough, Anthony has blossomed ever more as a content creator and a pro, most recently winning the 2020 Perfect Chapter at Carcavelos Beach in Portugal as a last-minute alternate after flying for 30 hours—an event that, unsurprisingly, zeroes in on the tube ride.

Anthony Walsh: Blenders Content Creator

With all this gnarly L-I-V-I-N (to reference Matthew McConaughey), it’s clear Anthony can be a hard guy to pin down, so we were stoked to get a few minutes with him recently. Here’s what he had to say about surfing, Blenders, and life:

Blenders: Top 3 things you've learned traveling the world surfing?

1) Appreciate those moments when everything comes together. The swell, tide, and wind.

2) That surfing is one of the most addictive drugs on the planet.

3) Doesn’t matter what your level is, you’re always learning every time you surf.

Blenders: What does your perfect day consist of?

Spend all day on the water with the family surfing, fishing, diving and kicking back watching the sunset with them.

Blenders: If you could trade places with someone for 1 day, who would it be and why?

Elon Musk. End poverty!

Blenders: Funnest wave? Scariest wave?

Can I answer both? One wave: Teahupoo, Tahiti lol!

Blenders: What do you like about Blenders and what are you most excited for in our partnership?

My fun crazy family just got bigger!

Blenders: How do you Live Life in Forward Motion?

Accept change and go with it.

Blenders: Top 3 favorite pairs of Blenders?




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