Dane Jackson: The Blenders Entourage Interview

Dane Jackson: The Blenders Entourage Interview

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One of a kind.

That’s new Blenders Entourage athlete Dane Jackson for ya. The paddling prodigy—son of legendary sportsman Eric Jackson—may have been born into kayaking royalty but he’s done things his own way, overcoming odds with an unshakeable confidence that’s birthed three Freestyle Kayak World Championships and a total of more than 80 first-place finishes.

Naturally, when you’ve got a guy like Dane in your Entourage, you take any opportunity to sit down and tap into his energy. After all, this was the first person to survive an infamous 134-foot waterfall drop in the mountains of Salto del Maule, Chile. So yeah, he’s our kind of crazy!

Here’s what the water sports superstar had to say in our recent sit-down:

Dane Jackson Blenders Eyewear Entourage

What are you most excited about working with Blenders?

Dane: I am stoked to start working with Blenders because not only does the vibe of the brand fit with how I like to live my life, but also the styles. I like that I can have everything from classy looks, to adventure styles, to out-to-lunch styles. It's like there's a pair for whatever it is I am looking to get into!

Do you have any causes or hobbies you're interested in? (Philanthropic, personal interests, something outside of kayaking!)

Dane: In the end, kayaking is my daily pursuit, but I love just about anything that gets me outside! Whether its golfing, disc golfing, surfing, snowboarding, photography, videography, all of it!

How did you get into kayaking? Tell us about your family a little bit!

Dane: When I came around my dad was already a professional kayaker, so he wasted no time getting me fired up on it. I ran my first river when I was 2, and I would do whatever I could to either get into a kayak or at the very least play around the river. My family lived full time in an RV growing up, and even though eventually we got a home base in TN, we continued traveling most of the year in an RV. These days, the lifestyle hasn't changed. I am either in my RV or flying elsewhere, trying to find the best kayaking possible!

What is the gnarliest thing you've done that you're most proud of?

Dane: It’s hard to pick a favorite as I am stoked on a lot of things I have done. Whether it's getting the first descent of 134ft Salto Maule in Chile in 2020 followed by running another 100ft waterfall 2 days later, or doing a Back Freewheel off of 70ft Sahalie Falls last year. Or it could be running every rapid except for one on the Rhondu Gorge of the Indus in Pakistan, where I first descented one of the stoutest things I have done: Malupa. Those are some definite highlights.

What does Life in Forward Motion mean to you? How do you Live Forward?

Dane: By enjoying every day and making the most of it no matter where I am, or where I am headed. Being stoked on where I currently am skills-wise on and off the water, while constantly trying to find ways to continue to progress and improve.


Dane Jackson Blenders Eyewear Entourage

Dane Jackson Blenders Eyewear Entourage

Dane Jackson Blenders Eyewear Entourage

Dane Jackson Blenders Eyewear Entourage

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