The Buttery Bros: New Goals and New Style in '22

The Buttery Bros: New Goals and New Style in '22

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Gains, goals, and getting better—that’s the manic, adrenaline-charged journey The Buttery Bros. are dedicated to each day.

A titanic two-man creative team, Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon are the full-send, film-producing, workout-wrecking warriors of our generation. With five documentaries each on the iTunes all-time best-seller list, these bros. are hellbent on capturing insane moments of sports glory among the world’s most elite athletes, as seen on their 2020 CrossFit Games doc, RESURGENCE (available now on Apple TV).

So, sure, the Buttery Bros have been spreading fun and fitness for years… but that’s not all they’ve been up to of late. Going ever harder, Heber and Marston are now spreading style as part of the Blenders Entourage. And to kick off the new year right, they’re lending their magnetic charisma to the launch of our new-for-’22 ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Eclipse X2’ collection colors. But more on that later.

If you’re not already a card-carrying member of the Buttergang, do yourself a favor and brush up on how each brother got their start:

Marston Sawyers

Marston (or “Mars,” if you prefer) started his career in live sports broadcasting for ESPN and CBS. He nabbed his first CrossFit film credit running camera and electric for Froning: the Fittest Man in History documentary. In fact, that’s where he met “Heebs" (Heber), and their tag-team of the doc led to a lifelong bromance that continues to this day.

Heber Cannon

Heebs got his first dose of CrossFit in 2009. Looking to smartly save a few bucks, he funded his gym membership with early video work through a local affiliate. Packaging up those clips, he shot them CrossFit’s way; suitably impressed, they hooked him up with a full-time gig. That relationship continued until 2019, when he and Mars struck out on their own to film The Fittest. Aside from his fitness films, Heebs is known for web features, commercials, and music videos, and is a devoted husband and father of two.

New Year’s Resolutions

Heebs and Mars see every year as an opportunity to Live in Forward Motion—and they always find the positives in their lives, even in these challenging times. As they said in their 2021 wrap-up, “2021 had some amazing highs… and some other bigger highs!”

The Buttery Bros have let us know they’re carrying their eccentric, sky-high spirit into 2022 (no surprise there), and bringing a couple of resolutions with them:

Heber: “My goal for 2022 is to spend more time with my family so I'm going to accomplish that by—once a week, for one evening—I’m gonna put my phone away and spend it just with my wife and kids.”

Marston: “My goal is to develop myself and my own personal growth, whether that's spending more time in nature, meditating, journaling, or just getting off social media and being a little more connected with my soul.”

And our company New Year’s Resolution here at Blendz? We resolve to evolve your style in ’22, and we’re starting off right with the launch of our new ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Eclipse X2’ colors, available now!

Keep It Moving With ‘Eclipse + ‘Eclipse X2’

Happy New Gear! Put your year in Forward Motion and live in full color with these new ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Eclipse X2’ collection sunglasses. Full coverage, wide-view polarised wraparound sunglasses for an active future!

The polarised wraparound lens boasts a vivid burst of green color that’s complemented by minty temple tips--and the frame triumphs with a steezy paint splatter effect scattered across a half-black, half-crystal-clear colorway.

‘Violet Victory’ champions one hell of an aesthetic. The matte-finished metallic black frame makes the deep purple blooming across the polarised wraparound lens absolutely pop.

The polarised wraparound lens delivers a wide field of view and a dazzling rainbow gradient, while the crystal clear frame with contrasting temple tips offers a daring dash of fun.

These sport sunglasses crush the game with a blue-green polarised wraparound lens for an incredibly large field of view. We spiced up the solid black frame with a gray paint splatter pattern, and the temples offer an exotic half-and-half mix of solid gray and paint-splattered teal.

The metallic “burnt rose” frames are durable, flexible, and lightweight, and the polarised pink lens offers a large field of view. Prepare to see and be seen in these sublime stunners.

These sport sunglasses deliver a wraparound design with a polarised lens for a wide field of view. The look is spiced up even further with a crystal clear frame and flashes of fiery red.

The polarised blue & red lens of 'Phantom Boss' complements a solid black/crystal clear frame fade for awesome effect.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, treat yourself to the limited-edition ‘Buttery Bros’ sunglasses, part of our Signature Series of shades. These wraparound, polarised beauts in our ‘Eclipse’ collection are a tour de force of design—exactly what you’d expect from Heber and Marston.

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