Blenders Eyewear Partners With Skateboarding Phenom Tom Schaar

Blenders Eyewear Partners With Skateboarding Phenom Tom Schaar

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Tom Schaar is the same as any other 18-year-old. Well, the same as any other 18-year-old that gets up in the morning, travels the globe for skateboarding competitions, and performs 1080s at the drop of a hat.

Yeah… see, that right there is the epitome of living in forward motion. Tom may have only barely graduated high school but the dude is so ahead of the curve it’s ridiculous. He landed the 1080—basically the holy-dang-grail of skateboarding tricks—at the tender age of 12, making him the first skateboarder to ever do so (he repeated the feat in competition in Tehachapi, Calif in March of 2012). That’s just delightfully absurd. And so, once we had the pleasure of meeting the young man who is now ranked 5th overall in the world, we knew we had to work with him more closely.

Today, we’re stoked to officially announce our sponsorship of Tom Schaar and the kickoff of the #BlendLikeTom campaign.



Tom’s the youngest X Games gold medalist in history—an eight-timer now, to be exact. He’s the youngest Dew Tour champion. The youngest Vans Pool Party champion.The youngest Austin X Games “Big Air” gold medalist.

Have we mentioned that he’s young?

In all seriousness though, we knew that our youth as a sunglasses company and Tom’s bright-eyed and optimistic outlook was the perfect fit. And it didn’t hurt that we’re both products of San Diego County, too. Hence, Blenders x Tom Schaar has become a thing—and we couldn’t be happier to grow together.



As part of the celebration of this partnership and ahead of Tom’s big appearance at X Games Minneapolis 2018 on July 22nd, we’re also launching the #BlendLikeTom campaign.

#BlendLikeTom gives you insight into the mind of the phenom—a peek at what he’s into and how he styles himself. Today, we’re revealing the savvy skateboarder’s three favorite pairs of Blenders shades:


1. Nocturnal Q


Cheers to the future. Frames are forgotten on these revolutionary, progressive sunglasses. Instead, the matte-black Superflash lenses flow unimpeded to each edge. The absence of frames doesn’t mean a void of detailing, either—gunmetal accents appear on the interior and flow along the temples, capping off one of our finest designs to date.


2. Natty McNasty


These bad boys are ice cold. Crystal clear frames meet azure mirrored lenses for an aesthetic that turns heads and quickens pulses. You’re going to make a splash rocking the ‘Natty McNasty’ sunnies—we guarantee it.


3. Tipsy Goat Polarised


If you thought we would never name a pair of sunglasses after an inebriated farm animal, well, you don’t really know us at all, do you? But funny names and shenanigans aside, there’s good reason that Tom digs these shades so much—they look damn good. The polarised smoke lenses and citrus gray semi-transparent frames are a killer tandem.

Now, we can’t promise that rocking any of these three sunglasses will have you landing a 1080 any time soon, but we are positive you’ll be looking your best and ready to seize the day in any of Tom’s picks.

Stay Blended, friends, and remember to follow along as Tom competes at the highest level on July 22 in Minneapolis!



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