Blending Beyond Borders: Blenders x Pura Vida Take Tavarua

Blending Beyond Borders: Blenders x Pura Vida Take Tavarua

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There are the aspirations you have as you get older—the noble, like “save enough money for my kids’ out-of-state tuition,” or the practical, like “buy that new crossover that’s sensible AND sporty!”—and then there are the dreams you had when you were a kid.

You know. The ones that kept you up at night, and not just because your mom was insistent you go to bed at 8 friggin’ p.m.

Maybe you wanted to be a firefighter or a professional ball player. Perhaps you wanted to take a rocket to the stars. Regardless, those were the dreams that left a lasting impact and that you find (or will find) yourself returning to as you age, even when it seems they’ve dropped hopelessly out of reach.

Chase Fisher, founder of Blenders, had a dream that kept him up, too—and no, at the time, it wasn’t anything to do with creating ridiculously dope shades. Chase grew up soaking in everything the best surf movies of the time had to offer. He loved the sport, the sand, and the waves, and pined to visit the locales that seemed ripped straight from some perfect, sunny dreamscape. 

There was one epic surf spot that stood out above the rest—Cloudbreak. And thanks to buddy Jon Roseman, Chase’s dream turned out to be one he didn’t have to abandon.

Jon is the owner of Tavarua Island Resort, “The Heart-Shaped Island in the South Pacific.” This wonderland of waves is the home to no less than seven breaks, including the world-class Cloudbreak.

And the kicker? Chase’s best buds own San Diego-based Pura Vida Bracelets (great stuff, check it out!), and Jon's daughter just happens to be a huge fan of the brand.

Talk about some sick synergy. The connection led to the realization of Chase’s life-long dream when Jon invited Chase and the fellas behind Pura Vida to stay at his personal villa on the invite-only, all-inclusive island earlier this month. And that, of course, meant catching the best waves this beautiful blue orb of a planet has to offer!

Needless to say, Chase ‘bout lost his damn mind with excitement. In a feverish whirlwind, he and the Pura Vida gang packed up and jetsetted from LAX to Nadi, Fiji (11 hours) before arriving at the epic island in style via heli ride from Nadi.

And hey, when you drop into Tavarua (Fiji’s most iconic surf resort), you gotta do it big, because this place hosts high-level celebs like Kelly Slater, Jimmy Buffet, and many more.

There are unbelievable beach bures and villas; fitness, spa and massage opportunities; and a ridiculously robust slate of activities ranging from snorkeling to kiting.

But what will stick with Chase and company forever? Quite simply the most epic surf they’ve ever experienced.

Feast on the rest of the Tavarua Island Resort shots below, and if you have any interest in potentially grabbing an exclusive invite to this jewel of the South Pacific, take our word for it and please don’t hesitate to inquire.

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