Cam FitzPatrick Premieres This Is Us In: Block Party

Cam FitzPatrick Premieres This Is Us In: Block Party

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If you know anything about Blenders Entourage athlete Cam FitzPatrick, you know this: he’s anything but average.

It’s a statement that seems obvious on the face of it, sure. What professional snowboarders are average, right? But Cam really is a different breed. He’s the rare kinda dude with the singular focus not only to be a peak performer in his sport, but to hold that focus since an exceptionally young age. Hell, he first threw on a pair of skis at two (yes, TWO years of age!), and at the ripe ‘ole age of six began learning under the tremendous tutelage of big-mountain freeride legend, Travis Rice.

Photo by the talented Blair Kirby.

That origin story’s enough to make anyone stand out, but Cam’s excellence in the sport isn’t limited to how he started, who he knows, or even to competitive events broadly. That's because he’s slayed the slopes on the screen, too, taking his talents to film with The Fourth Phase (2016), the killer follow-up to The Art of Flight (2011). And in that spirit, he and the This Is Us In crew now find themselves debuting their season-long ode to their home of Jackson, Wyoming: Block Party.

We caught up with Cam for the lowdown on Block Party (watch the full film below!) and why it’s the quintessential hype-up flick to watch before shredding.

Cam FitzPatrick on Block Party

1. Block Party is shot in Jackson, Wyoming. It’s the place you and the This Is Us In crew call home, but for those unaware, what makes Jackson so special?

Cam: You can’t really top the beautiful scenery and amazing community we have here in Jackson. With one of the most iconic mountain ranges in the world, it gives you endless opportunities for outdoor activities right outside your door.

2. You worked with longtime mentor and friend, Travis Rice, during production of The Fourth Phase (2016). Were there any lessons you felt you picked up while participating in that doc that gave you an idea of what to expect here?

Cam: Travis has always been an idol to me and really was one of the main reasons I started snowboarding in the first place. Having been on a project with him for four years was a dream come true. He’s like an older brother to me at this point and I can’t thank him enough for taking me under his wing. Ive learned so much from all the mentors I have out here in Jackson. I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned and really express it on a day-to-day basis out there. I still have so much to learn but it’s amazing to be able to hand it down to the younger guys that I ride with.

3. What was the most difficult challenge for you personally in producing Block Party? And how much different is it trying to nail a trick when you know there are cameras and crew surrounding you trying to get the right shot?

Cam: I think the most difficult part of producing these films is being the guy who figures out the camera crew for the day, the weather, where to go and making sure everyone comes home safe. It's a lot on your plate everyday but in the end, it’s worth every minute of it.

4. When working on previous films, you mentioned learning to relax, keep your cool, and enjoy the moment. If you were grading your performance in that respect during the Block Party shoot, how successful would you say you were? There’s gotta be some stressful moments no matter how chill you try to be.

Cam: I try to be as chill and relaxed as possible but things do get crazy out there while filming. It’s been awesome to be not just a snowboarder but be the producer of the films as well. In the past films I’ve worked on, it’s mostly always been about creating a video part for yourself. With having it be your production, it takes the pressure off a bit and you’re so stoked when anyone gets great shots. You don’t anyways have great days out there but when the team gets something, that’s what your end goal is working on these films.

5. You worked with some awesome talent while filming Block Party. Tell us a little something about your collaborators our readers should know.

Cam: The crew you go out and film with is the make or break aspect of creating these projects. I’ve been super fortunate to have been able to find a tight knit group that is fun, progressive and responsible. The mountains are a very dangerous place to be and can turn on you at any moment. You have to have a crew that is prepared for the worst. Everyone has to have each other’s backs or none of it would be possible.

6. Was there a favorite stunt or moment during filming that made ya pause and say, “Whoa, that was epic?”

Cam: That’s a tough one. So many fun and epic moments throughout last season. I think the one that stands out to me was our last day of filming and having a FPV drone pilot come out with us. I had filmed these epic looking lines while filming for The Fourth Phase and wanted to film them with the FPV drone. It made for such an awesome day and the drone footage is so unique and cool. Really gives you a different feel for the viewers. When the conditions, riding and filming all align that’s hands down the best feeling ever.

7. This isn’t really a question, but tell all the Blend Heads out there reading this why they just gotta check out Block Party.

Cam: It’s a perfect hype-up movie for mornings before going out shredding. It’s short and sweet and really hits home on just going out with your buddies, having a blast and snowboarding.

8. Are there any early plans for a follow-up project or is that hush-hush for now?

Cam: We definitely have some cool plans for this coming winter! We plan to travel more out of Wyoming and search for new locations to film at. I always like to take it step-by-step but the goal is to always come out with another project!

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