Fall Blend, November 2017

Fall Blend, November 2017

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We’re back! (Or rather, you are!) You keep showing the world all the awesome things you’re up to via Instagram and we can’t help but to keep spotlighting some of our favorite moments here.

If you haven’t been featured in our “Fall Blend” series yet, keep doing what you’re doing and living in forward motion, and one of your shots may show up here in the future!

1. @_lauralovesadventure_ | Kailua, Hawaii

Here’s the requisite “Cute Pupper Pic of the Month,” courtesy of Laura! Model “Gus” here is rocking the Rose Theater shades, which look decidedly oversized on his adorable face.

Shades: Rose Theater

2. @dienamicimage

It’s that time of year, and Blenders fans are already shredding through powder white playgrounds in our new snow goggles line. Look good, feel good, play good.

Snow Goggles: Gemini One

3. @lalas_mermaid_lyfe | Miami, Florida

Laura here is already reminiscing on the warm spring and summer days that let her get her daily swim in, but she’s stoked about the holidays, so hey, it all evens out.

Shades: Kate Forest

4. @surf06 | Morris Cove, CT

The claim here is that the shirt-and-shoe matching aesthetic was totally an accident, but we find this perfect synergy a bit hard to believe! Regardless, dope beach shot, “surf06!” (And nice shades.)

Shades: Uptown Penthouse

5. @jraney13 | Oía, Kikladhes, Greece

“Watching the sunset in Oia... priceless.” Jraney13, you already nailed it with your caption.

Shades: Fifth Avenue Flash

6. @devonkae | Lake Tahoe, Nevada

It’s ski season, and devonkae—seen here in our Shadow Rock shades—couldn’t be happier. Who’s amped to join her on the slopes at Boreal?

Shades: Shadow Rock

7. @bvrnout

Our dude, B V R N O U T, looking sharp and taking some time to reflect on all the support he’s received lately. 

Shades: Deep Space Polarized | M Class

8. @lisapaparazzo | Tokyo Disney Resort, Urayasu, Japan

Lisa's glowing over the start of her Tokyo DisneySea birthday-cation with @kowala1. Looks like a dream team of people and sunglasses, right here.

Shades: Black Betsy

Shades: University Heights

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