March Radness: Ashley Kidd

March Radness: Ashley Kidd

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4x World Wake Surfing Champion, Ashley Kidd, has been out there carving a legacy. From championship runs to operating her own surfboard store and bikini line, she’s absolutely been living life in forward motion.

Recently, we caught up with the Blenders Brand Ambassador for a little Q & A as part of women’s history month, wherein we talk championships, business, and style:

Blenders: What inspires you to live life in forward motion as much as possible every week?

Ashley: Life can be ended at any second so always live up to your full potential and accomplish as much as you can!

Blenders: Your first wake surfing contest was the World Wake Surfing Championship in 2010, where you nabbed second place. What did that immediate success do for your confidence?

Ashley: I actually entered that competition not knowing whether I was good at wake surfing or not so it was a huge surprise for me to be recognized and actually receive my first sponsor at that time. That first competition was the beginning of my wake surfing career from then on I went to competitions and competed in the pro level on the wake surfing circuit, so I guess you can say that competition definitely boosted my confidence and changed my life!

Blenders: You’re now a 4X World Wake Surfing Champion. What was your favorite/most memorable pro competition and why?

Ashley: My favorite competition was the World Wake Surfing Championship in Las Vegas in 2014 when I won my first World title and Female athlete of the year award. It was literally the best feeling in the world!

Blenders: How fulfilling was it to become an entrepreneur (Cheekah Bikinis)?

Ashley: Knowing that I can start a business from nothing to something great was mind blowing to me. If you set your mind to something you can accomplish everything! I actually decided to close down Cheekah Bikinis because I realized that it wasn't my passion. It was a great experience that showed me I can run a company but it also really made me appreciate wake surfing so much more!

Blenders: What’s your fav pair of Blendz?

Ashley: I absolutely LOVE the A series and the Guava Queen North Park

Blenders: Imagine you need a walk-up song in baseball (or a WWE ring entrance jam, take your pick). What bop are you going with?

Ashley: Probably “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift because I would just walk in dancing... I know it's been so over played but it literally always puts me in a good mood lol.

Blenders: What’s your spirit animal?

Ashley: An Eagle! Haha, I am a strong person but also like being laid back and want to just fly around lol.

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