Meet the Blenders Entourage: Lindsey Jacobellis

Meet the Blenders Entourage: Lindsey Jacobellis

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The Blenders Entourage represents some of the finest professional athletes in the world. But while you’ve likely heard the names, you may not be overly familiar with the talented people behind them.

This series is here to change that.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to pick a starting point, but the ongoing snow season and the imminence of this weekend’s Nissan Super Girl Snow Pro made this choice easy…

Introducing Lindsey Jacobellis

She is the most dominant athlete in the history of snowboard cross. In fact, with 31 World Cup wins following her recent return from Germany, she’s the winningest snowboarder in history.

Damn, right?

But like even the most unstoppable forces in sports, it all started somewhere, and before the 34-year-old from Danbury, CT was owning the competition in snowboard cross, snowboard slopestyle, and snowboard halfpipe competitions, she was getting her education at Vermont’s Stratton Mountain. Her muse in the sport and the catalyst for what was to come? Her brother.

From her official website:

“If it wasn't for my brother, Benny, introducing me to the sport, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am forever grateful for that spark that ignited me as a kid and I am committed to sharing that connection with the industry’s up-and-comers.”

A Decorated Career Like No Other

When we said Lindsey was the most dominant individual in the history of snowboard cross, we weren’t BSing. Lindsey has claimed 31 (yes, thirty-one) World Cup wins, making her the winningest snowboarder in history. (Yes, we felt that was worth repeating.)

And it’s not just the World Cup. Here’s a glimpse at what else she’s been up to:

  • 4 x Olympian (Highest result: Silver at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin)
  • 10x X Games Gold Medalist
  • 6 x World Champion (2005 Whistler, 2007 Arosa, 2011 La Molina, 2015 Kreischberg, 2017 Sierra Nevada, 2019 Utah)

Witness her full medal count here (and trust us, it’s a doozy)!

While Lindsey famously failed to win Olympic Gold at the 2006 Games after botching a method grab with a three-second lead in the closing moments of the competition, her attitude toward the result underscores her appreciation of the sport. In a televised interview, she later said the following about the decision to attempt the trick:

"I was having fun. Snowboarding is fun; and I wanted to share my enthusiasm with the crowd.”

Lindsey’s quote serves to act as a reminder that while competition is great, love of the sport itself is something to be cherished.

More Than Just a Winner

As her attitude toward her (rare!) failure(s) above seems to imply, Lindsey Jacobellis is more than just really, really good at winning. She’s an ambassador of her sport.

While she’s continued to compete despite the setbacks incurred from three knee surgeries, Lindsey’s also made tireless efforts to promote snowboarding at the grassroots level, serving to bring the sport to an all-new generation of women. Her enduring focus? Super Girl.

The Nissan Super Girl Snow Pro is an all-female halfpipe and snowboard cross event popping off this weekend, February 22-23, at Bear Mountain, CA. As a leader and mentor of the event, Lindsey will be there… and perhaps unsurprisingly, so will Blenders!

“It’s incredibly important to lay the foundation for the future of women’s snowboarding, Super Girl Pro does a great job of empowering women and putting pros and amateurs together in a unique environment so that we can pass along our experiences to the next generation.” - Lindsey Jacobellis

Be sure to check out our pre-event blog this week ahead of Super Girl Pro to discover more about the event—and be on the lookout next week for impressions, results, and media from our time spent at Bear Mountain!

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