Winter Blend, December 2018

Winter Blend, December 2018

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From the dunes of Cali to the mountains of Mont-Tremblant, the holiday season sure as hell hasn’t slowed down any of your wanderlust. And is it just us or do you keep getting better looking in your Blendz each month? Awfully high bar out there these days…

1. @ ashleykiddsurf | Rincón, Puerto Rico

4x World Champion wake surfer, Ashley Kidd, showing us all that paradise never fades.

Shades: High Class Jes

2. @ will_techntrek | Glamis Sand Dunes, California

Travel and drone enthusiast, Will B., enjoying the wide-open freedom of the desert with his buggy and his crisp Celtic Light shades.

Shades: Celtic Light

3. @ christopher17__ | Daytona Beach, Florida

“Doing what you love with the people you love. That’s true success.” Preach it, Christopher.

Shades: Blue Phoenix

4. @ breamoody | Keystone, Colorado

Breann here after a day of absolutely shredding the slopes in her Blendz snow goggles—the intersection of performance and style!

Goggles: Floral Sky

5. @ abbieburk | Crested Butte, Colorado

Abbie hitting us with those views out in the Rocky Mountains. We can’t tell how good of a skier/boarder you are one way or the other from this photo, Abbie, but we can definitely say you look the part.

Goggles: Orbatron

6. @ danielleallen10

Danielle in her natural habitat, surrounded by sunflowers with some gorgeous photography work courtesy of @broomall609. Striking reflection in those lenses!

Shades: Rose Theater

7. @ evcahm | Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Dedicated hockey mom and snowboarder, @evcahm, called our new JJ Rigby’s her “best snow goggles to date.” We appreciate the ❤️ !

Goggles: JJ Rigby

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