Women's History Month Spotlight: Product VP, Jacqueline Monitto

Women's History Month Spotlight: Product VP, Jacqueline Monitto

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Since we're not ready for Women's History Month to end here in Blenderville, we wanted to take the opportunity to spotlight another of the executives that help keep our company in Forward Motion.

Today, we're featuring our sensational VP of Product, Jacqueline Monitto.

Blenders Vice President of Product, Jacqueline Monitto

Blenders VP of Product

1. As our VP of Product, what do you do at Blenders?

Jacqueline: I lead our incredibly talented product team of Design, Product Development and Merchandisers. My team is responsible for bringing to life everything from our bold sunglasses to our cozy beanies. My primary responsibilities are to ensure we meet deadlines, cost targets, and our stylistic and directional objectives for the season, amongst others. More importantly though, it’s my responsibility to make sure the team feels creatively motivated and supported to be as bold, bright and colorful as they can be.

2. How would you describe a day in the life at Blenders?

Jacqueline: Be prepared for anything! We have an incredible team of people and everyone is truly passionate about the brand, the product, and the culture of Blenders. We move fast, which means we have to remain nimble, and the team we have at Blenders means we’re able to work together to achieve some big objectives and milestones.

3. What does being a VP mean to you?

Jacqueline: To me, being a VP means leading with compassion to create an environment in which everyone feels supported to grow, develop, and achieve their best professionally and personally.

4. What or who motivated you to get to where you are today?

Jacqueline: There are two big circumstances that have led me to my role at Blenders. Firstly, I have been fortunate to have worked with incredible people throughout my career, all of whom taught me so much about the industry and leadership. They each trusted me with the responsibility of autonomy, which allowed me to grow and develop my skills. The second is remaining curious and open to opportunities, people, and circumstances. You never know where a conversation or chance meeting could lead. Staying open and curious to opportunities has always served me well.

Thank you, Jacqueline, for being such a rockstar VP of Product! More to come from our Blenders Team Spotlights.

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